Encompass Release Notes: October 10th, 2022(64.5.0)

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Please note the product releases for the environments are scheduled as follows:

U.S. = 10th October, Monday Evening | Canadian = 10th October, Monday Evening
| Australia = 11th October Tuesday Morning


Product Enhancements 

Email Reporting

Email - Progress/Status Indicator

When loading a page, the system sometimes displayed a blank screen making the users unsure about the system loading the data. To keep the users informed about the system's activity, added a progress/status indicator, which is displayed until the page is opened.


The following table shows the main and drill down pages where the progress/status indicator is added.


Online Giving

Digital Wallets - Stripe enhancement

Implemented Stripe's API calls for the connected accounts feature. Now, there is no need for the system to use 'refresh tokens' during every transaction, the API key is used only when the account is first connected, which increases the capacity for a higher rate of transactions.

This enhancement has been made for the primary gateway, secondary gateway, and all form types.

Online Giving

Donor Roll Import - Not Clearing Cache

When donor roll data was imported using a .csv file, the data was not reflecting in real time. To view the data, the admins had to manually clear the cache using the Diagnostics menu, or re-login after importing the data.  Also, when a donor roll data file is uploaded in one system, the updated data was not reflecting in a different system having the same donor roll module until the cache is cleared manually in the first system.  

Updated the system to automatically clear cache when the submit button is pressed to import the data. 

Online Giving

Authorized.net Password Instruction Updated

In the Create Payment Gateway Account form, the instruction incorrectly stated adding the prefix "key_" to the password.

Updated the instruction:







Functional Area



Email Marketing 



Note: This bug fix was removed from production on October 12th due to an issue in production.  We will be working to correct the issue and determine a time to reintroduce the fix to production in the future.

Constituents deleted from a sub-community but still included in a CSV of IDs that contained their IDs were still being sent campaigns.  These constituent IDs should have been excluded when the CSV of IDs was used as an audience for a Campaign.

Updated the system for all the campaign types to exclude the deleted sub-community member IDs during send. 

In the Exceptions file, introduced a column Record Not Found where the deleted sub-community member IDs are marked as True. Post sends, the users can export this file by clicking the Export Exceptions option from the Gear menu in the History tab.

Note: The system does not show an error when uploading a .csv file containing deleted member IDs of a sub-community in a campaign.




Changes to the sitemap pages, settings, and sort order were not updating immediately.  The changes reflected when the cache was cleared.





On the system profile page, updated the accordion menu expand and collapse attributes to enable accessibility in accordance with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).



Now, the screen readers can read accordion menu functionality on forms, including heading, label, and open/close action. 



Added Email ID to the information that is passed during the Authorize.net payment transactions. Now, the following information is passed: Customer ID/Member ID, Description, Email ID, and Customer IP.