Release Notes: Hotfix - June 21st 2022 (64.2.1)

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Please note the product releases for the environments are scheduled as follows:

Canadian = 21st June, Tuesday Evening | U.S. = 21st June, Tuesday Evening
| Australian = 22nd June, Wednesday Morning



Functional Area





Users were receiving authentication failed errors when trying to make payments using the Moneris API Integrated payment service. The issue was due to the different expiry date format YYMM instead of MMYY used by the Moneris service.

Fixed the issue by updating the software according to the Moneris format YYMM and enhanced the software by adding logic for  CVD (Card Verification Data) number, and AVS (Address Verification Service).

Note: The transactions are processed even without the correct CVD number and valid address (AVS verifies the card holder’s address with the address in the records of the issuing bank). However, such transactions will be recorded as fraudulent. These features enable tracking fraudulent transactions when needed.

Email Marketing


On the History tab, the Constituent ID values were not populating in the excel file downloaded using the gear menu option Export Recipients.