Release Notes - May 31st 2022 (64.2.0)

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Please note the product releases for the environments are scheduled as follows:

U.S. = 31st May, Tuesday Evening | Canadian = 31st May, Tuesday Evening
| Australia = 1st June Wednesday Morning


Product Enhancements

Email Marketing 

Added the Export Recipient Option in the History Tab (Reference ID: 195031)

This option enables the users to export the recipient records of the messages that have been sent and moved to History. The exported file contains the following columns: 

  • Member ID
  • Constituent ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

To access the option, click the Gear menu in the History tab. 


Email Marketing

Inactivated Segments if an Associated Field is Deleted 


When there was a deleted field associated with a segment or query, the recipients were not being filtered. 


To ensure that emails are sent only to the intended recipients, inactivated segments that have a field deleted so that these segments are excluded from campaigns until these segments are fixed. If an existing, or a new segment has a deleted field, or if a segment is associated with a campaign set to a future date and a field is deleted during the segment creation date and set campaign date, such a segment is inactivated.

Inactive segment names are highlighted in red, and messages are added informing the users that the segments are inactive:

  • When a user attempts to add a .csv or send emails, the segment with a deleted field is highlighted in red indicating that the segment is inactive and the message, " Please Review the Audience for the Campaign.  An associated segment is no longer valid.", is displayed.

  • The Edit Audience link in the Drafts tab displays an alert icon and when hovered on the icon the message, "An associated segment is no longer valid.", is displayed.



Email Marketing

Added Sorting Functionality for All the Columns in the Draft and Queued Tabs

On the Create Email Campaign page, users can now sort records in ascending or descending order by clicking an arrow on a column header of the Draft and Queued tabs. The arrow pointing upwards indicates ascending order and the arrow pointing downwards indicates descending order. 

Note: If there are special characters or numbers in the text columns, they precede the alphabet (in ascending order).


The order of sorting is developed based on the associated value of each column. The text columns are sorted alphabetically, the column values having counts are sorted based on the lowest or highest counts, and the date columns are sorted based on the latest or earliest date. 

Columns Name and Type



Online Giving

Upgraded Moneris Payment Gateway API Integration 

Adapted the Moneris payment gateway upgrade from Moneris Direct Post Configuration to Moneris API Integration.  Moneris support recommended this feature for more convenient and secure transactions. 

After the users obtain the required credentials from Moneris, the transactions are processed through the autogenerated API key in their Moneris accounts. To set up the gateway on Encompass, the users are required to enter the Store ID and the API key on the Create a Payment Gateway window. 





Email Reporting

Updated the Overlapping Open by Device Donut Legend

On the Email Reporting Home page, the Open by Device Donut legend was overlapping.


Updated the chart title and positioned the legend on the top-right of the chart.




Functional Area



Email Reporting


When the registrations were done through tokenized links, the registration counts were not reflecting on the Conversions page. Even the other metrics Clicks, and Initial Clicks were not captured for the tokenized links.

Now, the registration counts and all the related metrics are accurately captured.



Creating email segment functionality was not working from the Attendee List option on the Events page gear menu. When the user clicked the Attendee List option, and then in the More Action menu, clicked Create Email Segment, the following success message appeared without the segment being created: "Your segment has been successfully created and is available as an audience in email marketing" .

Now, the users can create email segments using the Attendee List option and view the newly created segment in the segment list.

Email Marketing


Prioritized segmented campaigns having larger audiences were experiencing processing and sending delays lasting for hours.

Now, on average, the processing and sending time for the campaigns is reduced to around 10 minutes.



In the optimized events reporting, activity names with more than 175 characters were not accepted and showed errors.

Now, the activity names longer than 175 characters are accepted and no longer show errors.

Note: For reporting purposes, the column header in the optimized event’s reports is truncated to 123 characters.

Email Reporting 


Removed click activity drop down from the AB Testing Campaign.