Monitoring Anthology Raise and Encompass Integration

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The topics in this section provide information on the features used for monitoring the Anthology Raise and Encompass integration:

Integration Logs

The Integration Logs provide detailed log information for the member and gift transaction messages that are processed by the system.




The Primary Name of the integration log shows the type of data processed. It can have one of the following values:

  • Encompass-Gift Transaction shows the status of an individual gift transaction received from Encompass that has been processed into Raise.
  • Processed Encompass message shows the status of the Member data message sent from Raise to Encompass.

The Integration Status field shows the status of the individual integration transaction. It can have one of the following values:

  • Success - Indicates the transaction was successfully completed.
  • Success (with warning)- Indicates the transaction completed successfully but there are certain data exceptions occurred. In these cases, the Additional Details field displays validation messages that provide more information. An example is when a gift transaction received from Encompass includes a Designation which the integration cannot resolve to an existing Account Fund.
  • Failed - Indicates the transaction did not complete. The Details field displays the additional information about the failure.

Integration Messages

Integration Messages records display the status and details of messages exchanged between Raise and Encompass. The system includes the following delivered message names under the Encompass integration category:

  • ENCOMPASS_MSG_MEMBER_CREATE – The message when a new constituent is added in Raise qualifies to be sent to Encompass.
  • ENCOMPASS_MSG_MEMBER_UPDATE – The message is created when an integrated constituent in Raise is updated.
  • ENCOMPASS_MSG_MEMBER_DELETE – The message when an integrated constituent in Raise is deleted.
  • ENCOMPASS_MSG_GIFT_TRANSACTION – The message for a gift transaction record received from Encompass.

The Integration Direction displays if the message is Outgoing or Incoming.

Note: The Related Application field is not used with Raise-Encompass integrations.

The Message Data field contains the detailed payload information that is published to or retrieved from the Encompass web service.

  • For the ENCOMPASS_MSG_MEMBER messages, the Message Data will be the constructed XML payload.
  • For the ENCOMPASS_GIFT_TRANSACTION messages, the Message Data will display the JSON formatted data for the transaction received from the Encompass web service.

The Response field displays the response provided from the Encompass web service the ENCOMPASS_MSG_MEMBER related messages, or for the ENCOMPASS_GIFT_TRANSACTION messages the results of the process creating records in Raise.