Release Notes: Hotfix - December 21, 2021

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Please note the product releases for the environments are scheduled as follows:

Australian = 22nd December, Wednesday Morning | Canadian = 21st December, Tuesday Evening
U.S. = 21st December, Tuesday Evening


Online Giving

  • This hotfix will roll back the December 13, 2021 hotfix, which disabled the Venmo payment option and revert the changes made in the HEPdata Portal column Aux1 and Aux2 values.
  • The Venmo hotfix introduced an impact on the performance of Digital Wallets. The Venmo option will be visible to constituents who have Venmo enabled; however, users cannot continue the payment.  Constituents should select PayPal instead of Venmo within PayPal to complete the transaction successfully. The full resolution will be addressed in an upcoming release.