Ambassador Challenges: Configuring the Module

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This article explains how to display Initiatives and Challenges to site visitors. The functionality is similar to the other Scoreboards drag-and-drop modules.

Configuring Ambassador Challenges Scoreboard

  1. Go to the Content Modules menu, hover over Scoreboards, and then click and hold to drag and drop the Ambassador Challenges module into the page.
    Nothing gets displayed on the page other than the module title by default.
  2. Click the gear icon Edit to set up or edit the Ambassador Challenges module.
  3. Under the Attribute section, enter a Title.
  4. Entering Subtitle is optional, you may want to add instructions for your visitors here.
  5. Set the Display From date. Display To is optional.
  6. To set the Time Zone, click on the drop-down menu, this will show all the time zones available. By default, the time zone is automatically set as per your computer. Click Next to go to the Source section.
  7. Select the initiatives you want to display on the page from the left column and move them to the right column using the mceclip6.png buttons. Select mceclip7.png button, if you want to remove any Initiative from the list.
    You need to have at least one Challenge created under the selected Initiative in order to display under Ambassador Challenge.
    Use the navigation buttons to go back, cancel, or click Next to go to the Additional Options section.
  8. At this time there are no additional options, click Next to go to the Style section.
  9. This section allows you to define your header styling and background styling. Modify as per your branding style guide and click Save.
    The selected Initiatives and challenges are now displayed on the Ambassador Challenges page.

Scoreboard Ambassador Challenge Overview

Ambassador Challenges is an exclusive functionality for the customers who have the Scoreboard functionality enabled.

This is for those customers who:

  • Want to officially recognize Ambassadors in Anthology Encompass.
  • Want to add ambassador(s) to Fundraising Initiatives.
  • Provide access to the Ambassadors to create Challenges and share the Challenges to social networks.
  • Wants to display and see live updates within Scoreboards using progress indicators.

When the Ambassador Challenge module is added to the Content page, site visitors can see and scroll through the available Initiatives and participate in Challenges.

The overall Initiative will show progress towards the goal in a thumbnail image and a description.

Challenges associated with an initiative are visible under the Initiative card. To go to the next page of the challenges you can click Next at the lower left.

The Challenges can be created for Class year, Designation, Geography, Affiliation, Custom data point, or General Challenges. The Ambassador Profile is visible only when an Ambassador creates a Challenge, otherwise, you can only see Challenge Details.

Challenge Details

  • The Challenge description.
  • A video, if a video was added during the challenge creation.
  • Progress towards the goal.
  • The ability to share on social media.
  • A Donate button
  • A thumbnail image.

Clicking the donate button on a challenge takes you to the assigned parent form of the Initiative. Admins, Ambassadors, and site visitors can share the challenge on social media by clicking on the social media icons on the specific challenges.


Ambassador Profile

Under Ambassador Profile, you can see:

  • Ambassador's Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Class Year
  • Degree
  • Bio
  • Embedded Video

The system prioritizes the display of videos over pictures. If both a video and a picture are uploaded, only the video will be shown. However, if no video is uploaded, the system will display the picture.

Participation Challenge Progress

When a donation is made, Ambassador(s) and donor(s) can see the progress of the Challenge.

In the Challenge progress, you can see:

  • Percentage of Funded
  • Number of Donors
  • Days Remaining (every 20 seconds the remaining time gets updated).
    • If the Challenge end date remains more than a day, the Remaining field will be displayed in days.

    • If the remaining end days are less than a day, the Remaining field will be displayed in hours or minutes.

    • When the Challenge ends, the Remaining field will be displayed as “Ended”.

  • Dollars Raised
  • Goal ($’s/Donors)
    • When the Goal is reached for a Challenge, you can see a Stamp as “Achieved” in green color.

Progress Tracking: Challenges

On the Initiative Card, administrators can monitor the overall progress. Please note that contributions made directly through associated forms only reflect on the overall Initiative and do not reflect under associated challenges. Donations must be made through links shared via social media or emails to be attributed to assigned ambassador challenges. Therefore, the donation amounts are added to a challenge only when the donations are acquired through the members by sharing the donation link associated with a specific challenge with donors through social media platforms or email communication.