Advanced HTML Confirmation Email Resource

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To start applying the new format to your confirmation email, please visit this Support Center article that goes over the basics. Below are more specific instructions for this particular task.

  1. Navigate to your Standard or Commerce form on the administrator side of Encompass.

  2. Under Manage Form select Member Confirmation Email.

  3. Update the settings for From Email, From Name, and Subject line as needed.

  4. In the WYSIWYG editor switch to the HTML view.

  5. Copy and paste the following HTML into the editor.

  6. You can now further customize the HTML as desired. The HTML is created in a way that there are different sections clearly defined. Delete the <table> section, no need to remove it from the email.

  7. You may also switch back to the editor's design view further to swap out images, text, and links.

  8. When finished hit the Save button and enjoy!

NOTE: there will be a cost associated with any additional work you get stuck with and need assistance in fixing customization or would like us to tailor these confirmation emails for you.

PRO TIP: You can also customize the subject line of confirmation emails to include the word “Confirmation” or “Thank you” and use the token ##Form Name## so that it will pick up the name you have given your form.

There are three versions of the email to choose from to help you with how much content you may need.

Version 1: Simplified Version 2: Call to Action Version 3: Kitchen Sink
form-basic.png form-ctas.png form-ks.png
Use the Form_Simplified
_Version file below
Use the Form_Call_To
_Action_Version file below
Use the Form_Kitchen
_Sink_Version file below