Working with the Detail Page

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Use the options in the toolbar to manage all facets of your Detail Page design and display, and access the form management options for the Event, Donation or Membership Campaign.


Form & Data - This launches the admin view of the Event, Donation or Membership Campaign in a new window and provides access to the data collected, various registration and ticketing, amount/level input options and all of the other admin related items.

Content Properties - Use this option to view/edit the Content display properties for the form including its display date, the listing(s) it appears on and its audience roles.
Reuse Layout - Click on this option to save the layout (meaning the bracketed items being used) as a layout to be reused in building other Events or Campaigns. This saved Layout will then appear when the option to Use an existing Layout is selected in the Event or Campaign creation wizard.

View Mode Dropdown - This provides a dropdown option for engaging modes of editing the Detail Page content. Click on this option to engage these modes.


  • View Mode - This is the default, page at rest mode - it is how your members see the page, exclusive of the admin toolbars
  • Inline Edit - This provides the ability to edit inline on the page any of the display content on the Detail Page – button verbiage, the description, contact information, and location. Click on the pencil to edit that particular content.
    • Depending on the particular piece of content, clicking on these edit options will launch the ability to change the labeling; or for the Description and Location, the ability to add HTML content (images, formatting, links, etc.) via the HTML Editor.
    • You will need to save both the specific modifications to the content piece and the changes to the overall page using the Save Changes icon.
  • Layout Edit - An advanced administration option, this allows the Detail Page layout or its sections to be modified by rearranging the design tokens for each section. When you toggle this mode on, specific sections of the Detail Page are highlighted. When you click on the highlighted areas, the HTML text editor loads containing the content tokens for that section, along with the labeling values for these sections.
    • By running your cursor in the area immediately above the Event or Campaign name, you will be able to engage the highlighted area for the entire Detail Page. Clicking on this will enable you to modify the layout of the Detail Page, by organizing the content tokens.
    • This is where you would change the name of any of the specific content sections, such as Primary Contact, Campaign Description, etc. (The editing of the related values in these sections is done via the Inline Edit as above.)
  • To view these options for any related Activities of an Event, navigate to the corresponding Activity Center page for its corresponding toolbar options.

Save Changes – A warning message will display above the toolbar when a change has been made prompting you to save changes. Click the Save Changes button to save all changes made to the Detail Page.