Details - A/B Testing Campaign

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The Campaign Details for A/B Testing Campaigns is very similar to General Campaigns. You will need to provide information and click NEXT: Content in order to move past the Details.





Name -will be used on the Email Calendar, Reporting, Bounce Reporting, drafts, queued, and history messages. It should be considered an admin only name since your recipients never see it.

Description - is for internal use only. It should be used to describe the message in case you have similar messages.

Set the Testing Variable - you will need to select one of options provided: Subject, Pre-Header, Sender/From.

NOTE: Based upon the variable you select, the detail options will be arranged differently than the image above shows.

Subject - will be shown to your recipients, so it should be user friendly.
NOTE - limited to 70 characters.
NOTE - cannot contain the Webview token or Unsubscribe token.

Pre-Header - enter the Pre-Header that you want your recipients to see.
NOTE - cannot contain the Webview token or Unsubscribe token.

Sender - the Sender Identities for the site/GID you are working in will be available. The From Name and From Email set in the Sender Identity you select will be used when the message is sent.

From Name - will default to what is set in the Sender Identity; however, it can be overwritten. This is helpful if you have a one off instance of needing a different From Name but the rest of the information is the same.  This will be show in Email Reporting.

NOTE: tokens cannot be used in the overwrite field.

Reply Handling Address - will use what is set in the Sender Identity; however, it can be overwritten. The email address will receive out of office replies.

NOTE: Outlook will send out of office replies to the from email address for the Sender Identity being used.

Subscription Category - select the Email Category that this message needs to be associated with.

Analytics Tracking Code - allows you to put in HTML for the tracking code. When the message is sent, the code is inserted right above the closing body tag of the email. You won't see any changes or information about the tracking code in the drag and drop editor. This is an optional item. We anticipate it should be compatible with Litmus, Google Analytics, and Email on Acid. 

Click NEXT: Content to save the information you provided and move on to the Template selection or email content.

The top navigation can also be used to move to a different step of the A/B Testing Campaign process.