A/B Split - A/B Testing Campaign

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When an A/B Testing Campaign is created, the admin will need to set configuration details.


There are a few different ways to get to the A/B Split area.

1. Click A/B Split in the navigation from any step of the A/B Testing Campaign process.


2. From the Audience selection screen since working with the A/B Split is the next step in the process. Audience selection is the same for A/B Testing Campaigns as it is for General Campaigns and Segmented Campaigns.


You can either set the Audience and then click NEXT: A/B Split or move to the A/B Split and set the Audience later.

3. Select Schedule from Email Home. You will be taken directly to the A/B Split screen.

A/B Split



Determine the size of the test group

Use the drag and drop slider to set the test group. The two testing groups must be the same percentage.

If the Audience and Subscription Category have been set, the overall estimated Audience number will be shown. The tests and winner will also indicate the number of people assigned to each.

Identity how the winner will be decided

At this time, the Open Rate will be the deciding factor. The version with the highest open rate at the end of the testing period will be sent to the remaining recipients.

Decide when the test will start

You will need to decide when the test will start. You can have the test start immediately or send at a later date/time.

Time Zone will default to the time zone set for your computer.


Choose how long the test will run

Set how many hours the test will run for. The default value is 4.

You may find the Testing Parameters article helpful in determining how long you would like your test to run for.

Click NEXT: Summary or Summary in the navigation to see a recap of the A/B Testing Campaign. You can release the Campaign from the Summary.