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From the Email menu, choose Email Reporting.

Fly Out Navigation 

  • The flyout navigation is accessed through an icon of three parallel bars - hamburger.png located in the upper left on the email reporting landing page. 

  • Flyout Navigation:


  •  Select Recipients

Recipients Page

  • Will show:
    • Email Address
    • Name
    • Constituent ID
    • iModules Member ID

  • The data reflects messages and activity since 1/1/2018.
  • Use the search option to find a specific individual using name, email address, Constituent ID, or iModules Member ID.
    • NOTE: Admins must type in a minimum of two characters before your search will be conducted.  All non alpha numeric characters will being converted to spaces unless they are recognized as part of an email address or URL (i.e.  

  • Clicking on an email address will move you to a new screen. You will see email metrics for the individual you're looking at as well as the specific messages you sent this individual.

  • When viewing a drilldown report, click on the name of the individual you want to see metrics/information for.

  • The data reflects information for the specific site / GID you are in.


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