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From the Email menu, choose Email Reporting.

Fly Out Navigation 

  • The flyout navigation is accessed through an icon of three parallel bars - hamburger.png located in the upper left on the email reporting landing page. 

  • Flyout Navigation:


  •  Select Recipients

Recipients Page

  • Will show:
    • Email Address
    • Name
    • Constituent ID
    • Encompass Member ID

  • The data reflects messages and activity since 1/1/2018.

  • Use the search option to find a specific individual using name, email address, Constituent ID, or Encompass Member ID.
    • NOTE: Admins must type in a minimum of two characters before their search will be conducted.  All non-alphanumeric characters will be converted to spaces unless they are recognized as part of an email address or URL (i.e.  

  • Clicking on an email address will move you to a new screen. You will see email metrics for the individual you're looking at as well as the specific messages you sent this individual.

  • When viewing a drill-down report, click the name of the individual you want to see metrics/information for.

  • The data reflects information for the specific site / GID you are in.