Single Email Detail View

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Once you have selected a single instance of an email, you will see detailed information.

  • Metrics appear as they are received, in near-real time without refreshing the page.

  • Displays two rows of key metric call-outs which highlight various counts and percents for an email.
    • Compare Open Rate to Peers links to the Engagement Activity Graph.
    • The formula for each donut chart rate is listed below the percent.
    • The key metric call-outs are clickable and resolve to drill-down reports. IMPORTANT: Drill down reports are only available for for messages after 1/1/2018.

  • Displays email details such as Email Name, Date Sent, and Email Category to provide context.

  • The Activity quadrant 
    • Highlights response metrics each hour after sending
    • Will show a graph of Opens By Device

  • Drill down reports will provide information on which Lists/Segments were used to build the Audience.
    • If the List/Segment has been deleted, a message will display indicating that the information can't be shown.



Information on the Reporting Metrics