All Email List

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From the Email menu, choose Email Reporting.

Fly Out Navigation 

  • The flyout navigation is accessed through an icon of three parallel bars - hamburger.png located in the upper left on the email reporting landing page. 

  • Flyout Navigation:


  • Select All Email List.

All Email List Page

  • In near-real time without refreshing the page, newly sent emails will appear in the list.

  • Admins can use the date range, subscription category, or search box to find an email in order to view metrics on it.

  • The "Display metrics for all sub-communities" checkbox will only display at the GID 1 or the top-level community/site.

  • The subscription category filter auto-completes and you can only select one category filter at a time.
    • NOTE: This filter will not display if the "Display metrics for all sub-communities" box is checked.

  • Click the Apply button in order to utilize the filter selections.

  • Recurring emails will display with a > next to them. Clicking on the name will move you to a roll-up report of metrics for the recurring email. Clicking on the > will expand the campaign and show the instances it was sent. Each date will be clickable.

  • Click an email name to view detailed metrics for that message.