Release Notes: May 11, 2020

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Please note that product releases are scheduled as followed by environment:

Australian = Monday morning | Canadian = Monday evening | U.S. = Monday evening

Product Enhancements

Decision Analytics

Offline Volunteer Upload

When uploading offline volunteer data, the Constituent IDs in the file must exist and live within that sub-community.   In the event where we are unable to match invalid IDs, the upload will fail and an error message will be presented.


A file is also generated that can be downloaded to display the list of invalid Constituent ID(s) and their respective reason.   


With the rejection file, your staff will then have the opportunity to resolve those as they see fit.  Keep in mind, GID=1 has all the records so you should never see "Constituent ID does not belong to this community." 

Date Field Updates

We removed the label "Fiscal" from applicable date fields (Dashboard and Setting).  Now End Dates are simply that End Dates for whichever time frame you wish to calculate.

Metrics Overview Math

Ok... you may need to buckle up for this because I certainly had to.

Event Registrations & Revenue are calculated different ways depending on if you are scoring members only or member and non-member records. A main registrants total amount paid is summed, then the average is based on that total divided by the number of distinct registrations found within that Class Year(s) and time frame applied.  This will be no different if the main registrant has guests, because the event total is paid by the registrant; however, if non-members are included in your dashboard then the Registrations count will include guests that have been added to a registration.


Gift Count & Avg Gift Amount will also change depending on if you are scoring members only or member and non-member records... albeit a bit more simpler than events.  One time gifts will be summed accordingly; however, scheduled and perpetual will only count as one within the defined time frame.  Money donated regardless of one time, scheduled or perpetual will be summed to help calculate the average gift amount.

With that said, our math lesson will now conclude. 


E-Commerce Partners

Stripe - Multi-step forms with digital wallets

When used as Secondary gateway, digital wallets will now display on all transaction forms (single and multi page).

Stripe - Events with donations

Stripe gateway now splits all Events with donation payments into 2 line items when using the checkout and 2 transactions within the Stripe dashboard, making for easier distinction when reconciling.


Commerce Reporting

Reconciliation reports now displaying merchant account name

With the May release you will notice a change on your Giving Transaction Export (GTE) and Event Recon with Adjustments. These reports will include a new "Merchant Account Name" column to help you differentiate the gateway in which the incoming payment was processed. Through this inclusion, you can track the percent of transactions that occur through any given gateway, and (if using digital wallets) you can take this 1 step further and track the percent of transactions per digital wallet using the "Credit Card Type" field changes made in the April release.



Email Marketing

Export Estimated Recipients

As promised, you will now have the ability to view the recipients which make up the Estimated Audience count.  


The option to "Export Estimated Recipients" will be available on the gear icon mceclip0.png once a refresh has occurred.  It will not be available if the audience displays "Add Audience" or "Updating".

NOTE: This feature is only available when viewing drafts in List View.

  • Export as a .csv file
  • Data included in the report
    • Member ID
    • Constituent ID
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
  • Report Name Format: EstimatedRecipient_[Campaign Name]_[Date].csv
  • Displays the recipients from the last refresh. 
  • Segmented Campaign
    • Available for each version; NOT the entire Segmented Campaign
    • Prioritization - If enabled the list will reflect the recipients accordingly. (i.e. Recipient is in both versions; The recipient will only be listed for the version with the highest priority.) 






  • Fixed an issue where the "click to expand summary" section of a transaction was not show anything (ENC-40286)

Email Marketing

  • Fixed an issue where Dynamic Content in new email marketing was looking at the Archive Date Time when pulling in stories. (ENC-38408)

URL Handling

  • Fixed an issue where custom links built with an anchor token in the query string were being truncated when using the custom link (ENC-39035)

Web Services

  • Fixed an issue where the API was not sending the price_label of the option selected in the Commerce field so the customer was unable to tell which option was selected. (ENC-39263)