Checking People In

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From the Attendee Check-In Homepage, click on the name of the Event you want to check people in for.

Event without Activities


The Event name and description (minus images) will display on the left. The registrants/attendees will display on the right.

If needed, use the Search to find the person you're looking for.

Expanded View

You can expand the full list of attendees by clicking the bracket by Attendees (x/x). This is an easy way to see of the primary registrants and their guests and check individual people in.


Collapsed View

Primary registrants will be shown, but you aren't seeing guest names.


Click the Check In button to check someone in.

The primary registrant and their guest(s) will be listed.


If the entire party is ready to be checked in, check the Select All box. If only certain individuals are ready to be checked in, check the box by their name.

Click the Update button once the appropriate selections are made.

The screen will update with checked in people moved to the bottom of the list.


Reverse a Check-In

If an individual or party needs to have their check-in reversed, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the "Checked In" indicator for the primary registrant.
  2. Uncheck the box(es).
  3. Click Update.

The changes will be reflected in the list.


In this example, Paul James (a guest of Abby James) was reversed. In order to check Paul James in, the Partial button would be clicked so the box for Paul James could be checked.

Add Attendee (Walk Up Attendee)

If you have a walk up attendee and need to add them to the list so you can check them in, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Add Attendee button.
  2. Enter their information.


    NOTE: The Check in box will be checked by default.

    NOTE: It would be a good idea to collect Email Address so it can populate in the Event Attendance Export

    NOTE: The person you add will be exported to Encompass for the following reasons:

    • added to the Attendee List that is part of the Event module. The person will not become a part of the Attendee List Email Segment, if created.
    • added to the Event Attendance Export so admins can have a full picture of Event attendance.

      NOTE: Even though the person is being exported to Encompass, the system will NOT create a non-member record for them.
  3. Click Add.

The new attendee will be reflected in the list.


In this example, James Bondville was the added attendee and checked in.

Attendee Number

The Attendee number displayed for each Event is a count of unique registrants in Encompass. If an individual registers for the main Event and four Activities, they will only count as "1" for the Attendee number.

The attendee count on the left of this screen will contain an * if a walk up attendee was added. The attendee number will increase as walk up attendees are added. If the walk up attendee is attending four Activities, the number will increase by four since the person has to be added four times (once for each Activity).

Before After
no_walkup_031020.png with_walkup_031020.png

If a walk up attendee needs to be removed from the Attendee Check-In list, this must be done from the Events area in Encompass by accessing the Attendee List. You are unable to remove the walk up attendee in this area.

Event with Activities


The Event name and description (minus images) will display on the left. The number of Activities will be indicated as well as the number of attendees.

The middle panel will list the Activities.

The registrants/attendees will display on the far right.

NOTE: Checking an individual or party in must be done per Activity.

NOTE: Role-based activities will show to admins. Admins will be able to add walk up attendees to role-based activities.

Follow the processes above to check in or reverse a check in for an individual or party.

Reporting on Check Ins

The Event Attendance Export reflects check in activity from the Attendee Check-In functionality. Based upon our administrative rights, you may or may not have access to this export.