Release Notes: April 6, 2020

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Please note that product releases are scheduled as followed by environment:

Australian = Monday morning | Canadian = Monday evening | U.S. = Monday evening


System Requirements

Microsoft® Internet Explorer® support has changed.  Click here to view those changes.

Product Enhancements

Decision Analytics

Export Enhancements

A couple of exciting changes to the export, which include a engagement count for all the YES values found on the record.  This will allow you to bubble up the most engaged records across all dimensions.  Also, if you have uploaded a volunteer file you will have a new volunteer column indicating yes/no for respective records. 

Dashboard Enhancements

Start and End Date have been added to enable admins to look at shorter time frames.  Max scoring will still cap at a year; however, you can look at events like a Give Day to determine collectively if strategies worked and with what groups. 


Apply button has been added as well to allow you to select time frame and classes before the dashboard fires off your search. Small change to dimensions where if the engagement percentage falls between .49 and greater than 0, we will now display less than 1% for those applicable dimensions.

GID=1 Power

If you are at the top level, you have a new option that allows you to roll up all activity of engagement to your dashboard.  This includes the export and will changes some of those NO values to YES for respective records. 


E-Commerce Partners

Reporting type of Digital Wallet used in transactions

When using Apple Pay or Google Pay through Stripe, transaction reports will now contain the name of the digital wallet under "Credit Card Type" in transaction reporting.


When using Stripe, we now pass the form name through to Stripe to display on the dashboard to easily distinguish between payments linked to different campaigns. Users can search by form name, as well as transaction ID if they have that available.



Email Marketing

Estimated Recipients List (ON HOLD)

This feature has been put on hold in order to make a few adjustments to ensure you have the best experience possible.  Please keep your eye out for its return in a future release.  




Editor UI Changes

New Location for Element Menu

To improve visibility within the email editor and create more vertical space, the element menu will move from the opt of the display to the left-hand side.

When you have an element selected, the border will now pulse / flash with a blue border instead of displaying a red dashed border.


New Location for Action Buttons

In the Email Editor, HTML Editor, and Template Editor, the series of Action buttons at the bottom of the tool will shift to the upper right-hand side of your screen, allowing for more work space in the editor.  Additionally, the Next button will be renamed to reflect Send Preview.



New Dynamic Event Layout Available in Style Manager

Introducing ...


This new Dynamic Event Layout will be available for both "Events Feed" and "Events - Pick Specific Content" options.

It will allow you to show a visual but concise list of your upcoming events without all the bulk.  The new layout is a bit smaller and can be easily used in a 50/50 two column layout.  






  • Fixed an issue where Events with Donation payments were not being split into 2 transactions within Stripe (ENC-40176)
  • Fixed an issue where Apple Pay was not passing billing information back to Stripe (ENC-39960)

Email Marketing

Editor Defects

  • Subscript and superscript are now available on the text editor toolbar
  • Fixed an issue where a space in or after any link will prevent previews and emails from sending (ENC-38907)
  • Fixed an issue where the automatic text background color is white and not transparent (ENC-39449)
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling when editing a text area causes the text editor toolbar to scroll off the page (ENC-38110)
  • Fixed an issue when content pasted from Microsoft Word into a text element is missing upper case"i" (I) when using the paste method - right click (ENC-38021)
  • Fixed an issue when editing text, the text editor toolbar covered the text being edited (ENC-37857)
  • Fixed an issue where bottom borders are being added to box elements (ENC-36597)
  • Fixed an issue where buttons are not remaining centered in Gmail app (ENC-36863)


  • Fixed an issue wherein users were getting a 400 (Bad Request) error when initiatlly configuring a Leaderboard and trying to group all Designations / Custom Data Points (ENC-37816)
  • Fixed an issue wherein mismatched time zone settings resulted in incorrect display (ENC-38678)
  • Fixed an issue wherein the removal of all previously configured groupings resulted in page error (ENC-40029)
  • Fixed an issue wherein Leaderboards which were configured without the 'Goal' column would always show Percentage of Goal = 0% (ENC-39895)


  • Fixed an issue wherein the addition of Groups to Profile Navigation resulted in an error that prevent changes from being saved (ENC-38088)

Calendar Listing(s)

  • Fixed an issue wherein Calendar Listings configured with Archive filters were displaying content with no Archive date configured (ENC-35635)

URL Handling

  • Fixed an issue wherein URLs using now seamlessly redirect to (ENC-37382)