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The Settings area allows you to set some default configurations for your Engagement Metrics Dashboard.


From the Decision Analytics menu, choose Settings.

NOTE: Only Super Admins and the Engagement Metrics Admin will have access to this menu option.

Default End Date

This options allows you to set the default end date. This setting controls what time frame the dashboard will load when admins in that GID access the page.

NOTE: Admins will still have the option to change this value on the dashboard so different time frames can be viewed.


Score Non-Member Records

With this option, you can have the dashboard pull in non-member records.


The box will be unchecked by default.

Define Dashboard Colors


Primary - controls most color accents on the dashboard.

Secondary - controls what color your gradient expands to as the population becomes more engaged.

Font Color - changes your site name's color in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard.

If you want to apply all of the colors to all sub-communities, check the box. Once set, all sub-communities / GIDs will not be able to set or override colors applied at GID1.


Use the Save button to save any changes made. There is a Cancel button available as well.