Attendee Check-In Homepage

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The information contained in this area is for the Attendee Check-In functionality.


From the Events menu, select Attendee Check-In.

NOTE: Only Super Admins and Event Admins will have access by default. Anyone else who needs access must be placed into the Event Attendee Check-In Admin administrative right.


Attendee Check-In Homepage

NOTE: If you have volunteers who need to access the Attendee Check-In homepage, we recommend providing the direct URL to them so they can easily navigate to the place they need to work.

The start date and end date assigned to each Event will determine if it displays as Current, Upcoming, or Custom.



If there are Events that have active start / end dates, then the homepage will default to Current. Events are removed from Current at midnight on the end date. If there is a time associated with the Event and the time is in the past, the blue Event box will be grayed out.


If there are no current Events, then the homepage will default to Upcoming. Upcoming will include Events taking place in the next 60 days. If there aren't any Events taking place in the next 60 days, a message will indicate that there are no Events to display.


Custom provides a calendar so administrators can set a time range. Based upon the dates selected, Events will be pulled in based upon their start / end dates.custom_dates.png



There are two different ways to view the Events that are displaying.


Grid is the default view. You can always get back to Grid view by using the four square icon in the upper right.



If you would prefer a List view, click the line icon in the upper right.


Attendee Number

The Attendee number displayed for each Event is a count of unique registrants in Encompass. If an individual registers for the main Event and four Activities, they will only count as "1" for the Attendee number in this area.

If the Attendee number displays an *, then a walk up attendee was added for that Event in the Attendee Check-In functionality. The number will increase for each attendee that is manually added. If the walk up attendee is attending four Activities, the number will increase by four since the person has to be added four times (once for each Activity).