Release Notes: March 9, 2020

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Please note that product releases are scheduled as followed by environment:

Australian = Monday morning | Canadian = Monday evening | U.S. = Monday evening

Product Enhancements

Decision Analytics

Peer Comparison Graph


This chart compares the percent of constituents who have engaged during a 12-month period to that of other institutions to provide comparative data.  An individual is counted as engaged if they have taken any measurable action during the 12 month period across any of the dimensions. (Email, Events, Giving, Membership, Online Usage, and Volunteerism).

By hovering over the percent engaged, the Minimum and maximum Percent Engaged for the peer group is also displayed.

NOTE:  iModules has developed new peer groups to create better comparison opportunities for institutions with similar types and size of institutions. These peer groups have been based on the newest Carnegie classifications and also consider institutional data from IPEDS, as well as US university rankings. 

Settings - aka The Dashboard HQ

We hope you enjoy this new settings page that allows you to set some default configurations for your Engagement Metrics Dashboard. 

The first option will allow you to set your fiscal end date.  This will control what time frame the dashboard will load when any admins in that gid access that page.  Keep in mind, you will still have the option to change this value on the dashboard so you ad your staff can view different time frames on the fly.


Also found on this page, will be the option to score your non-member records. By default, the dashboard will no longer pull in non-members; however, you can override this in the settings should you wish to see this information.


The next option allows you to REPRESENT!!!  If you are not York University orrrrrr the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, you may not want a predominately red dashboard.  Using the Primary color picker you can set this to control most color accents on the EMD.  Secondary will control what color your gradient expands to as the population becomes more engaged.  Font Color will change your site name's color in the upper right hand corner. 

Last but not least on this topic... if you are at GID=1 you can control the colors for all of your subs.  Simply set the colors you want and enable the checkbox.  Once set, all sub communities will not be able to set or override colors you have applied.  Enjoy your new super power. 



Performance Improvements

Export will behave a little differently by looking at the Class Years you have selected and allows you to only export those records. Also, we needed to clean house a bit and made some modifications to the way we ask for the data.  This in turn means you should expect a dashboard that performs like Beyoncé at The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. 

Scoreboards - Leaderboards

Percentage of Goal

For customers using Leaderboards as part of our Scoreboards module, we have now added an additional sorting option, so you can rank the leaderboard by Percentage of Goal.mceclip0.png

Email Marketing

Refresh Estimated Audience Count


Gone are the days of leaving home and going to another page to update your lists and segments. Refreshing the estimated audience count is now available from Email Home for both General and Segmented Campaigns.

Special Note:  We understand the importance of seeing the list of recipients which make up the estimated audience count.  Keep your eye out for this feature in a future release.


The estimated audience count is calculated using the same filters when a message is sent.  The following is considered when the count is calculated.

  • Audience Types
    • CSV of IDs
    • Segments
    • Email Lists
    • Email List with Merge Fields
  • Upon refresh the estimate count will exclude the following:
    • Duplicate addresses
    • Invalid format for email address
    • Emails flagged as invalid
    • Constituent's account is disabled
    • Constituent is deceased
    • Preferred email field is empty
    • Unsubscribes
      • Based on the Subscription Category selected
      • Subscription Category is required in order to perform a refresh
    • Spam Report
    • Unknown
  • Audience Exclusion
    • Segments and/or Lists in Audience Exclusion will be factored in the count
  • Segmented Campaign - Prioritization
    • If prioritization is turned on, a recipient in more than one version will only be counted once

NOTE:  This will not automatically refresh items on the Lists and Segments Page.

General Campaign


  1. Add Audience - Refresh is not available until an audience is populated
  2. Refresh Icon/Updating - Refreshing is in progress
  3. Refresh Icon/Estimated Count - Displays the estimated audience count from the refresh and is available to refresh.
  4. Check-mark Update Complete - Displays once a refresh is complete and then returns to the refresh icon after approximately one minute.


Segmented Campaign


Refresh is also available for your Segmented campaigns. 

  • On Segmented Campaign Home
    • All versions must have an audience populated before the refresh option will appear
    • You must refresh the count when audiences are added or changed
    • The estimated count is a total of all the versions
    • If prioritization is turned on, a recipient in more than one version will only be counted once
  • Refresh is also available to refresh from the Email Home Drafts pagemceclip5.png

Want to know the last time a refresh occurred? 

A tool tip will provide the date and time the audience was last refreshed.






Email Reporting

Fixed issue where some segmented campaign summary totals were incorrect (ENC-39524)  

Email Marketing



Fixed an issue where ICP was not opening on forms in regular sub communities (ENC-35778)

Fixed an issue where "Remaining Payments" verbiage could not be updated (ENC-35020)

Fixed an issue where google or LinkedIn usernames containing special characters could not be saved (ENC-23426)

Fixed an issue where registration button was disappearing in inline edit mode on the event details page (ENC-38634)

Fixed issue relating to rounding for last payment in a scheduled payment (ENC-39927)

Fixed an issue where changes made to commerce tokens were not being applied to recurring billing confirmation emails (ENC-36864)

Fixed an issue where extra space was displaying under the full name field on the billing step. This space will now only be expanded when a validation error has occurred (ENC-39643).

Fixed an issue where failed transactions were being displayed on the donor roll (ENC-39257)

Using Enter after an inline edit of field display name no longer causes a page refresh (ENC-39079)

Fixed an issue where some customer directories were timing out when searching off specific fields (ENC-39634) 

Updated reset password verbiage so that text was the same regardless of whether the email or password were incorrect. (ENC-39494)