Segmented Campaign Home - Segmented Campaign

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Segmented Campaign Home will show the versions that exist inside of a specific campaign. Global settings can be worked with in addition to other options.


Clicking on one of the clickable links for a specific campaign while in Grid or List view will move admins to Segmented Campaign Home for that campaign.

Page Options

The top part of Segmented Campaign Home relates to global settings for the campaign. There are some tiles available for the global settings.


  • Segmented Campaign - defines what a Segmented Campaign is.

  • Global Campaign Details - campaign email details applied at the global level to all versions.

  • Schedule - select the schedule type that will be applied to all versions.

  • Prioritize Versions - toggle setting that allows admins to determine if prioritization should be followed. Toggle set to "on" by default.

  • More Options - won't be clickable until at least one version checkbox is checked. Once admins can access it, there will be some options.


*Delete - will delete the selected version(s). A confirmation message will appear so admins can verify that they want to delete the version(s).

*Copy As General Campaign - will copy the selected version(s) as a General Campaign. If only one version is copied, admins will be moved to the Drafts area for the new message. If multiple versions were copied, admins will remain on Segmented Campaign Home, but the new messages are started.

NOTE: The Audience and Schedule will not carry over to the new message.

*Convert to Segmented Campaign - will start a new Segmented Campaign with the selected version(s).

NOTE: The selected version will be removed from the Segmented Campaign it was originally in.

*Re-apply Global Details - will apply the Global Campaign Details to the selected versions.

NOTE: Re-apply Global Details will only display if there is a version checked that has email details that are different from the Global Campaign Details.

  • Release - will release the Segmented Campaign (all versions). The Segmented Campaign will be seen in the Queued area.

  • Create Version - allows admins to create a version in the Segmented Campaign.


The lower part of Segmented Campaign Home will be the versions grid.


  • Priority - column that will be shown if Prioritize Versions is toggled "on". Will show the priority order for the versions.

  • Gear - hovering over the gear icon provides the Delete option for all versions. The Re-apply Global Details option will only display if a version has email details that are different from the Global Campaign Details. Export Estimated Recipients will be an option after all versions have an Audience and an estimated number displays.

  • Checkbox - admins can check one or more boxes and then pick a value from the More Options dropdown covered above.

  • Email Name and Email Subject Line - the email name and subject line will be shown. The subject line is clickable and will move admins to the email details for the version.

  • Sender - provides Sender Identity information for the version. It is clickable and will move admins to the email details for the version.

  • Audience - allows admins to set or edit the Audience for the version.

    NOTE: all versions must have an audience populated before the refresh option will appear.

    NOTE: the estimated count is a total of all the versions.

    NOTE: if prioritization is turned on, a recipient in more than one version will only be counted once.

    NOTE: the estimated Audience factors in unsubscribes, invalid emails, audience exclusions, duplicate addresses, invalid format for email addresses, account disabled, deceased, preferred email is empty, spam report, and unknown.

    NOTE: refreshing the estimated Audience will not refresh Lists and Segments Home.

    NOTE: a Subscription Category must be set in order to calculate an estimated Audience.

  • Schedule - shows the schedule for the version. This may be a clickable option so the schedule can be updated for the version.