2019 SFTP Server Upgrade

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In our ongoing efforts to increase security and keep data safe, iModules is upgrading its SFTP systems used for automated scripts. Currently all scripts should be pointing to sftp.imodules.com (  However, by Friday, May 24, 2019 all iModules customers in the US using the automated service will need to update their configurations to the new address: prodsftp.imodules.com ( 

Because this change could potentially break exiting scripts, the new SFTP URL/Address (prodsftp.imodules.com was created to be the new target, allowing testing and migration of existing processes without recourse. You will need to finalize changes to use the new SFTP URL/Address (prodsftp.imodules.com by the 24th.

All usernames, passwords, and client keys will remain the same. And depending on your ssh/sftp client, changing the URL may be all that is needed. If your outgoing traffic is normally blocked, you may need to request port 22 open to the new IP of

You can switch to the new IP at any time between now and May 24th, 2019. With this server upgrade, we are also removing some deprecated, less secure protocols and increased the length of our hostkey. Please note that this could prevent connections on older, less secure clients. Should your institution need this hostkey information, we ask that you contact Customer Support at 913.685.5242.

NOTE: if you encounter any issues connecting to the new server, please update your FTP software to the latest version.


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