Release Notes - 14 March 2019

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Hotfix release for all environments.

Defect Corrections and Follow-up Work


Email Marketing

Email reporting delivered and bounced counts are zero.  ENC-37009

Email Marketing reporting metrics > 100%  ENC-37040


The discrepancy in email metrics experienced by a select number of customers has been resolved and all metrics are being captured as of 5:00 p.m. Central 3/14/2019.

After further investigation of inaccurate or missing email reporting metrics, we have discovered additional inaccuracies for a select number of customers. iModules has identified that emails sent during March 6th through March 14th may have experienced inaccurate metrics across email reporting. 

Please note that emails impacted by these issues, during this time-frame, still have incomplete reporting metrics.

Our technical teams are currently researching what is feasible for us to back populate and resolve for impacted emails. Please be patient as we work through our options, as we want to provide the most transparent and accurate representation of your metrics.  

Stay tuned for an update in the following week on where we are at in this process.