Product Portal - now the Idea Exchange!

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Thank you for being an integral part of the Anthology advancement community. We are so excited to announce the new Anthology Idea Exchange platform, where all Anthology users will be able to become even more actively involved in the development of our products. I’m excited to build on the Encompass product portal with a new way for you to provide feedback, while also enhancing functionality. Have a product feature in mind that you want to see improved?  We hear you, and we’re here to listen. My team is recommitting to following up on your feedback and suggestions through this new platform. 

Note that we are still in the process of transitioning the ideas you shared via the Encompass product portal to the Idea Exchange, so no need to resubmit. You’ll see them start to appear in the coming weeks.  

On the new Idea Exchange platform, you can submit your ideas and become a powerful voice in shaping the future of our advancement solutions. It will not only serve as a useful idea and suggestion collection platform, but will also give you more detailed insight on how the product team is implementing your ideas.   You will stay engaged and informed on the product development process and see the impact of your and other’s input on our product direction. In turn, the Anthology Idea Exchange will help us understand your challenges, opportunities, and changing needs.   

When you submit an idea on the platform, it will be reviewed and categorized into one of the following: “Already Exists”, “Released”, “Planning to Implement,” “Future Consideration,” and “Unlikely to Implement”. Each time the status of your idea is updated, you will receive a notification.  

We built our Idea Exchange with you in mind as part of our promise of transparency and commitment to helping solve your challenges. We know that the most valuable feedback comes from you who are interacting with our products every day. Our partnership with you is key in helping us to build better solutions.  

Thank you for helping us continue to improve our advancement solutions - we look forward to hearing from you in the new Idea Exchange.  

Please click here to share your ideas!  

Heather Andring,

Sr. Product Manager, Advancement Solutions