Segmented Campaign

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What is a Segmented Campaign?

A Segmented Campaign allows a grouping of emails to be housed under one campaign.

What types of communications are best suited for a Segmented Campaign?

  • Happy Birthday Email - Dues paying member, non member, lifetime member
  • Giving email - Current donors, LYBUNT, SYBUNT, never donated - End of Year Giving
  • Giving - customize student stories based on supported funds
  • Day of Giving - progress through the day - customize for who has already given and who hasn't
  • Events - promotions for members, celebrating class years activities
  • Newsletter - footer customization (alumni = show personal info / update info link, customize news and events seen by chapters/regions/location)

Segmented Campaign Benefits

There are several benefits of using a Segmented Campaign.

  • Become faster at creating emails
  • Easier way to prioritize who gets which email
  • Track your response rates
  • Aggregate reporting for the parent campaign
  • Individualized reporting for a specific message
  • Ability to differentiate messages by sender, subject, time zone, etc.