Release Notes - 5 March 2019

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Please note that product releases are scheduled as followed by environment: 

Canadian = Tuesday evening | Australian = Wednesday morning | U.S. = Wednesday evening

Product Enhancements

Email Reporting

Roll-up Recurring Emails 

Recurring emails will now have a summary page in email reporting. This will provide additional reporting on the recurring campaign in addition to the individual email metrics.

NOTE: The drill-down summary reports are not available for this view at this time. This will be coming soon in a future release.

Defect Corrections

Email Marketing

Dynamic Content

Event Listing and Event Homepage Listing types will pull into sealed subs for Dynamic Content (ENC-35733)

Email Home

Implemented various updates to improve performance and load times found in email marketing.

Email Open Rates

Viewing emails with robust content on a mobile device can often times trigger parts of that email to be truncated, hiding the remaining content (including the tracking action) behind a "Read More" button or link. To help address this, we have introduced the tracking action to now be at the beginning of the email regardless of the content to assist with more accurate open metrics for your institution.

Exception Report

Communications and Email Reporting Admins will now have access to the exception report found on the History tab. (ENC-35468)

Outlook From/Reply To

In an attempt to address the On Behalf of From Name <>

we have changed this to your sender header so the reply to address isn't displayed this way in Outlook.  This will also change the Out of Office reply behavior as we will now send to the From email, which is expected behavior according to Outlook. (ENC-36370)


Required Designation Textbox

Resolved an issue where some constituents were able to skip over the required textbox when making a gift.  (ENC-35789)

Resolved an issue where values entered in the required textbox were not saved.  (ENC-33661)

Improved the flow where multiple designations that have required designation textboxes will now only require the donor to enter text on a designation they have specified an amount for.  This will also help address scenarios where donors were not able to advance on the form with &BLEDIT was used.  (ENC-35278)



Event revenue and adjustments should now match reconciliation reports with map regions.  (ENC-36307)

Resolved maps to properly show Puerto Rico when that region is selected via Home State field. (ENC-35665)