Release Notes: 18 & 21 December 2018

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Please note that product releases are scheduled as followed by environment:

Canadian = Monday evening | Australian = Tuesday morning | U.S. = Tuesday evening


Defect Corrections

Email Marketing

Lists and Segments

Resolved case-sensitive issues with Lists that prevented emails from successfully sending. (ENC-36389)

Will no longer allow Email Lists to be uploaded with duplicate email addresses.  Combined lists  with duplicates will be allowed and will be found in the exception report.  Any email you send out will only be sent to an email address one time.  (ENC-36434)

Email Home

Will no longer allow admins to pull an email back to drafts from the queued tab while it is in the process of sending. (ENC-36190)

Emails Stuck in Queue and 0 Intended/0 Actual Recipients

Additional logging and research around this issue has lead to fixes being deployed in this release as well as scheduled for our upcoming January/February release that accounts for all currently known stuck-in-Queued scenarios.