Release Notes - 4 February 2019

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Please note that product releases are scheduled as followed by environment: 

Canadian = Monday evening | Australian = Tuesday morning | U.S. = Tuesday evening


Product Sunsets

Legacy Email


A new message will appear in Legacy Email Home reminding admins that you will no longer be able to send emails through the Legacy System following February 28th at 7:00 P.M. CST.

Updated Menu

The Email Menu will be updated so the New Email links are now primary on the left side of the menu. Legacy links will still be available under a Legacy Column on the right side of the menu.


Flagged Words

The Flagged Words feature of the Encompass platform will be sunset with the 4 February 2019 release. This feature compared form and community content submissions against a list of disallowed words for admin review. Flagged Words is being sunset due to low adoption and to improve the admin experience. 

Security Updates



Improved security for form submissions to prevent automated sniffers/bots from submitting forms. (ENC-33286)

Improved security for link handling. The system will now ensure that URLs saved in content do not allow for the constituent to be returned to a URL with unauthorized domain after the constituent authenticates. (ENC-33285)

Product Enhancements

Email Marketing

Clone to HTML

A new feature that Advanced HTML Admins will have access to. The feature will allow you the ability to clone an email made in the drag-and-drop editor to create a new HTML version of this email. This will allow the ability to use the drag-and-drop editor for the main portions of your design and then create an HTML copy for other tweaks that your team might need.

Note: This will create a new copy of the email. Any changes made to either email instance going forward will not update the other instance.

Email Home

Email Sent is now the History tab!  This grid will also have a new Status column that will provide updates on emails you and your staff send.  Want to check and see if the email was successful or is still processing to send?  This is the perfect column that allows you to get near-real time updates of your sends with tool-tips that inform you about each step in the process. 


Leaderboard Goals 

The Rugby Club wants to set a goal of $5,000 and see how their donations are tracking? Now they can. Schools have the ability to set a Goal for a given designation in Leaderboard based on dollars or participation. (ENC-35735)


Merchant Initiated Billing

Schools that have a billing agreement and account directly with PayPal can setup Merchant Initiated Billing in the Payment Gateway. When a constituent logs into their PayPal account to review charges they will then see the school's branding for recurring charges. (ENC-35964)

Defect Corrections


Recurring Payments Grid

Resolved an issue where credit status icons were no longer displaying for recurring payments. (ENC-36408)

Email Marketing

Email Lists & Email Lists (Merge Fields)

Clients who have computed first name, last name or email fields  will now be able to use the new audience types - Email Lists and Email Lists (Merge Fields).  Happy list making!  (ENC-36247)


Cloning Events

We will now pull the same payment gateway assigned to the event you are cloning from. (ENC-35373)




Resolved an issue where checkboxes were no longer displaying for Available Form(s). (ENC-36466)