Import into Donor Roll

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The import is useful if there are offline transactions you would like to include in your Donor Roll.

  1. Click on the truck icon for the Donor Roll you want to import into.


  2. You will be moved to a screen where you will upload the file.

    NOTE - the column headers are provided and you can simply copy/paste from this window for your file.

    NOTE - you are limited to 10,000 rows of data in each file.

    Donor_Name: This is the name that will appear on the Donor Roll. Entering a value is optional. If no value is entered, it will be anonymous.

    Amount: Dollar amount a donor has given. Entering a value is optional. If no value is entered, it will be anonymous.

    Date_Added: The Date_Added column header must be present, but data is optional. Format for the column should be MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm AM/PM. This can be used to import transactions that will show up at a future time. If left blank, it will default to the current time and show up immediately.


    NOTE - If you need assistance for determining how to build the file, click on the green circle icon above the sample column headers.

  3. Once the file has successfully uploaded, the file name will display in a green success indicator.

  4. Imports can be deleted; however, the data will be removed from the Donor Roll. Use the X icon to the left of a file name to remove it.

    NOTE - there is no confirmation message. Once you click the X icon to the left of the file name, the file will be immediately deleted.


  5. Click the Back button to move back to the Donor Roll.

Business Rules

  • Only CSV files can be imported.

  • Imported files only impact the specific Donor Roll you imported into.

  • Column headers are case sensitive. Please use what is shown in the sample file.

  • If Date_Added not present, then the system will add the current date/time. If an admin only puts MM/DD/YYYY (no time) then the system add the time of midnight.