Release Notes - 10 December 2018

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Please note that product releases are scheduled as followed by environment: 

Canadian = Monday evening | Australian = Tuesday morning | U.S. = Tuesday evening

Product Enhancements


Email Home

Email home now has an additional view option of List View. List View provides the same information as the Grid View with the email cards.

Grid View:


List View:


Email Lists with Merge Fields

A great add to Lists and Segments with the ability to now upload a list of emails with additional merge fields.  This means you can still personalize this audience type to not only include First and Last Names but also support a whole myriad of scenarios from specific ask amounts per email address to a custom message from your President for every person in the file.  No longer do your staff import data into your online database when you can simply upload a file that contains those necessary elements.  We cannot wait to see what kind of powerful messages you all build with this new functionality!

Email Reporting

MID joins Email Reporting Drill-downs

With the addition of Email Lists we know not all constituents you email will have a Constituent ID.  Due to this we wanted to be sure you knew exactly which member records are opening, clicking, registering for an event, and even making a gift.  Dare we say unsubscribe too... well it is a shame if they do but you can find this unique record information out as well.  Happy reporting!! 


Leaderboard Challenges

A different angle of gamification in Leaderboards. After admins enter a set amount of bonus funds, they then can choose which distribution method -- Preset Ranking or Relative Percentage. Here is another way you can entice donors to give more. (ENC-35195)

  • Relative Percentage - Bonus funds are distributed across all designations/Custom Data Point field values based on the highest percentage of participation or dollars.
  • Preset Ranking - Bonus funds are allocated to specific ranks based on the total participation or dollars.



Defect Corrections

Community Content

Admin Approvals

Corrects an issue where admin notifications for community content approvals were not sent in the Australian environment. (ENC-35357)

Data Management


Corrects an issue where admin notifications for successful imports were not sent in the Australian environment. (ENC-34800)


Event Center

Corrects an issue where tools on the HTML Editor menu bar were not functioning in Firefox. (ENC-35429)

Online Giving


Corrects an issue where selected designation names were not being read appropriately by screen readers. This is a WCAG related change. (ENC-32042)

Payment Processing

Corrects a rare issue where the user is erroneously instructed to retry their transaction even though the system knows the payment transaction was successful. (ENC-35545)



Link Builder

Corrects an issue where an admin session times out when trying to delete custom URLs within Link Builder. (ENC-35503)

Payment Processing

Corrects an issue where upcoming charge reminders were not being sent to those listed as carbon copied recipients. This issue was limited to the Australian and Canadian environments. (ENC-35454)