Release Notes - 12 November 2018

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Please note that product releases are scheduled as followed by environment: 

Canadian = Monday evening | Australian = Tuesday morning | U.S. = Tuesday evening

Product Enhancements

Email Marketing

Email Send Preview

Your email will be auto-populated for both reply to and recipients when sending previews from Email Home. You can replace with other emails if desired. 

Email Lists

You will now be able to upload a list of email addresses, first name and last name.  This will be added in the Lists and Segments home and can be combined with other audience types like CSV of IDs and Segments.  You will use your system tokens for First Name and Last Name to personalize the email. 

NOTE: We have not forgotten about temporary token support and how awesome it will make your email. Stay tuned for this update and happy list making!

Email Reporting

Recipient Drill-Down View: Provides the ability to drill down by recipient to see overall metrics and email history (currently 275 day history).


You will now be able to use custom fields in Leaderboards – from free and commerce Events and Membership Forms. (ENC-33223)


Defect Corrections

Email Marketing

Various Email Components Detail Pages

Ensure that only one email is delivered to an email address particularly when two member records share that same address.   (ENC-35634)

When duplicate custom URLs are found within the email (i.e. custom link - http://www.overlanduniversity/reunion is tied two unique pgids in the site) we will use the first links destination and override the second. (ENC-35739)

Subscription Categories should no longer be blank when creating an email or in Email Reporting (ENC-34365)

Email Reporting

Unique Clicks that reporting (NaN%) on reporting have been changed to Initial Clicks and will properly report this value on deployed emails. (ENC-33016)


Event Detail Pages

Corrects an issue where the back button on Event Detail pages was not keyboard accessible. This is also a WCAG compliance change. (ENC-33326)

Corrects an issue where the defined time zone was not being honored for determining when a registration button should be available on an Event Detail page. (ENC-31192)

Event Reporting

Corrects an issue where event with donation reporting was not accurately reflecting totals when one or more guests with commerce registered for an event and the primary registrant contributed a donation. (ENC-35318)

Online Giving

Campaign Progress Indicator

Corrects an issue where contributions collected through an event with donation form not accurately reflecting in Campaign Progress Indicators. More specifically, this was occurring on event with donation forms that also had additional commerce items, and a user registered for an event, gave a donation, but did not purchase the optional commerce items. (ENC-35092)



Corrects an issue where admins who attempt to modify export fields for a saved or scheduled report encounter an error. (ENC-34444)


Corrects an issue where when changing a template for a particular page, Link Builder did not recognize existing custom URL's within Link Builder. The logic was adjusted so that the custom URL properties will still be recognized regardless of which template was assigned to the page when originally created. (ENC-3517