New Email Marketing

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Encompass Insider Tips - New Email Marketing

Want to set your email defaults before you begin designing your next email masterpiece? Don’t miss this Encompass Insider Tip where Craig in Design Services walks you through setting up default parameters in the new email editor.

As you build new templates in the new email workflow, be sure to include your organization’s social media channels. Check out this Encompass Insider Tip from Erin in Design Services, as she walks you through the steps to create a social media icon bar in your email communications.


In this Encompass Insider Tip, see Email Lists with Merge Fields in action with Product Owner, Sabrina Goldman. 


Don’t miss this Encompass Insider Tip showing you how to use the complex element feature in the new email editor.


In this episode of Encompass Insider Tips, learn how to ensure equal spacing on mobile in the new Encompass email editor.