Admin Turnover/Clean-Up

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The information below may be helpful to you if you have Encompass admins leave your team. If you have an admin leave your team and they no longer need access to your Encompass environment, there are a few steps that need to be followed to truly remove them.

It is our recommendation that if an admin already has an alumni account or donor account, create a separate Admin account with the appropriate admin rights to ensure an easier clean-up if the admin leaves. This way the alumni or donor account maintains the constituent transactional data, and the admin account only has a record of admin transactions. This also assists in the use of the Pre-Populate functionality for Forms, Events, Donations, and Memberships for admins.

Admin Rights

You will want to remove their Content and Community admin rights.

  • If the admin has Content Admin rights:
    • From the user view of the website, hover over Settings and select Manage Admins.
    • Select the Content Admins tab and use the red circle to remove the admin.
    • Select OK to confirm. This will also remove their Content Admin Rights.
  • Next, move to the Gold Key in the upper right corner of the screen and select Administrators. You can either scroll to the appropriate admin right and use the Delete checkbox, then scroll to the top and select delete, or you can use the Add a New Admin Button, find the admin, and delete all their admin rights at once.
  • Another way to access an admin’s current Community rights is through the Member Management view. Hover over Members and select Member Look-up. Search for the admin and select. From this page, select Community Admin Rights in the lower right. You will then land on the same screen we saw earlier where you can edit the admin rights.

Admin Rights page in the Support Center:

All Form Type Emails

In addition to removing admin right access from the account, you will want to ensure that their email address, name, and contact information is removed from all form emails. This includes Member Confirmation emails, Admin Confirmation emails, and Recurring Billing emails for each individual form that the admin may have been the primary contact. This will need to be done on a form by form basis.

Detail Pages

Remove the former admin as a listed contact on Event, Donation, and Membership Detail Pages.

Scheduled Reports

Next, you will want to ensure that the former admin is no longer receiving any scheduled report. This includes scheduled member exports, and all form type reports. The system will not automatically remove an old admin or an email address from these reports, so it must be done manually in each form reporting section.

Email Marketing

The next area that may need some clean-up is Email Marketing. Ensure the former admin’s contact information is removed from pending emails. This includes the From Name, From Email Address, Reply To Email Address, and as a listed contact within the content of the email.

Payment Gateway

The final area, if needed, will be to update the Payment Gateway username and password. You must have Payment Gateway admin rights to access this area in your site.
For more information on working with the Payment Gateway area visit this page in the Support Center:

Admin Clean-Up Checklist

  • Remove Content Admin Rights
  • Remove Gold Key admin rights
  • Ensure their email address, name, and contact information is removed from all form type emails
    • Admin confirmation emails
    • Member confirmation emails
    • Scheduled billing emails
  • Remove them as a listed contact on Event, Donation, and Membership Detail Pages.
  • Update scheduled reports to remove their email address, so they no longer receive them
    • Member reports
    • Form reports
    • Donation reports
    • Event reports
    • Membership reports
  • Ensure their contact information is removed from pending emails in Email Marketing
    Update Payment Gateway username/password if needed