Notification Template Manager - Beta Phase Only

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The Notification Template Manager option will display to Superadmins and Notification Managers. This area allows administrators to create notifications that are engaging, relevant, and align with institutional branding and best practices.

The Notification Template Manager is where the templates will be created. The templates can then be used in Events, Donations, Memberships, and Forms for the admin and/or member confirmation emails.


From the Gold Key, select Notification Template Manager.

Create Template

  1. Click Create Template.

  2. Provide the required items.


    Template Name - is an admin name and won't be seen by end users. Come up with a logical naming convention for your templates so it is easy to identify when selecting it for a member or admin confirmation email.

    Form Type - the various form types provided so you can select one. The choice you make here determines which form type it will be available for.

    Notification Type - select whether this template will be used for the member confirmation email or the admin confirmation email.

    Layout - pick a layout from the options provided. The layout determines where content can be defined within the template. 

  3. Click Create.

NOTE - templates cannot be deleted at this time. Once a template is created, the only template property that can be changed is the Template Name.

 Edit a Template

 To edit a template, click on the name of the template.


The template details will display on the left.


The template message body will appear on the right.


Depending on the Layout chosen, there may be multiple areas for you to add content. Click to work in an area.

The applicable Form Tokens will display on the far right as well as System Tokens. You will click on a token to add it to the template. It will be placed where your cursor is at.

Click the Save button to save your changes.

Activate the Template

Templates will be in a draft state by default. You will need to make them active in order to use them.

Hover over the gear icon and choose Move to Active.


The status by the gear icon will update.


Archive the Template

An active template can be moved to an archived state.

Hover over the gear icon and choose Move to Archive.


The status by the gear icon will update.


An archived template can be moved to a draft state by using the gear icon.

Use the template

When working with the member or admin confirmation email, there will be a dropdown box so you can select an active template.

By default, the standard confirmation email body will be used. If you want to utilize one of the templates, you must select it from the dropdown.

Sample Default:


Once I select a template from the dropdown list and click Apply Template, a confirmation box will appear.


Click OK to apply the template.

The template will then display in the content editor.

Business Rules

  • There is no GID/Community restriction. Any templates that exist in all sites / GIDs.

  • If a template is applied to a confirmation email and then changes are made in Notification Template Manager, the changes will not automatically be applied. If you want the updated template, you must go to any area it is in use and re-select it.