Notification Token Manager

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The Notification Token Manager option will display to Superadmins and Notification Managers. This area allows you to view the tokens that have HTML markup as well as modify the HTML markup for a specific token.

NOTE: These can be customized on a community or GID level.


From the Gold Key, select Notification Token Manager.

Working with the tokens

There will be a token list on the left side of the page.


NOTE: PDF Receipt options are only available for Canadian customers.

Selecting a token will provide an area to see the HTML mark up as well as the inner tokens that can be added.

If I select [Itinerary Summary], I will see the following:



This token is made up of static text, layouts, and inner tokens that will repeat depending on the type of Event and amount of information documented.

The top center section of Token Manager contains the HTML markup that determines the static content, inner tokens, layout, and formatting that will be applied in the rendered content. Below that, a preview area will display how the HTML definition looks.

The right hand section shows a list of available inner tokens that are supported by the parent token. In this example, the [Itinerary Summary] token is the parent.

If changes are made, click Save.

You can use these tokens in the appropriate areas (Review/Finish Pages, Member/Admin Confirmation Emails).