Notification Template Manager (Oct 2018 - Beta Only)

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Why is it important?

Template Manager will reduce the effort required for admins to create notifications that are engaging, relevant, and align with institutional branding and best practices. 

Who benefits and what does it do?

Super Admins and admins with design responsibilities will benefit from Notification Template Manager by being able to create templates to support the creation of Member Confirmations and Admin Confirmations. 

Admins involved with the creation of forms, such as events admin, giving admins, etc, will benefit in that they will have a list of templates that align with their form and notification type to select from as their starting point for creating Member and Admin Confirmations. They can then modify the confirmation to include any form tokens, images, and formatting to suit the specific engagement needs.


How does it work?

Notification Template Manager is a new link found under the Gold Key for users with the Super Admin or Notification Manager admin rights. The new view provides the following features:

  • Create templates that align with specific form and notification type
    • Form type options: Commerce, Event, Giving, Membership, and Standard
    • Notification type options: Member Confirmation and Admin Confirmation
  • Active notification templates are available for selection within the confirmation configuration for a respective form
  • Multiple templates of a similar form and notification type can be created. This allows for multiple templates to support a particular form and notification type. For example, events w/ optional commerce, event w/ no commerce
  • Static content, styling/formatting, and tokens added to the template will be the starting point made available within the within the confirmation configuration for a respective form

How is this handled currently?

Currently, clients must contact Encompass Customer Support in order to change the default confirmation email static content and tokens used in the form creation process. Customers are not able to create multiple versions to more closely align with the form needs, such as different event types.

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Is Notification Template Manager available to all customers?

No, by default, Notification Template Manager is available to Early Adopter Customers. However, interested customers can contact Encompass Customer Support to turn on Notification Template Manager and receive a walk-through of the functionality.

Are templates community-specific?

At this time, templates are not community (ie GID) specific. Any template in one community is available for use in all communities.

Do templates have a publishing workflow?

Yes, templates are in a draft status upon initial creation. It can then be published for selection in the confirmation email confirmation once the template is ready for use by selecting "Move to Active" under the gear menu for the template.

Will these templates be used for recurring payment confirmation emails?

No, they will not.


Updated 1 Oct 2018