Email Marketing Release Notes - 6 September 2018

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Originally slated for September 5, this beta release was delayed due to upstream outages with Microsoft's Azure Cloud environment in the U.S.

Email Marketing Product Information (Beta)

  • Recurring Scheduling
  • Reuse from Drafts
  • Improved UI within Email Home
    • Cleaner animation indicates card creation, card sorting and alert message appearance
    • Sent emails sort on sent date date descending
    • Instruction text reminds users that cell A1 in CSV of Id files must be a header 

Email Marketing Issue Resolution


  • Warning alert is displayed to administrators trying to clear bounce or spam reports if the action cannot be completed as expected


  • ENC-34363 ensures in browser previews load/display properly
  • ENC-34282 all buttons in email editor except exit/cancel save draft content
  • ENC-34936 is a retroactive correction that prevents the word "delete" from displaying in the browser tab for "trouble viewing / webview" pages included within sent emails
  • ENC-34953 ensures replies to email marketing messages are sent to the designated "reply to" address not the sender "from" display email
  • ENC-34925 corrects issue where deployed email displayed event time in UTC and not the date-time of the event.  Additional work is needed to update this in dynamic content UI (email creation workflow).
  • ENC-34851 makes sure saved segments honor data viewer query exclusions
  • ENC-34897 corrects an issue where recipients could not be properly assigned on send because of conflicts with deleted records