Refreshed Token List (Aug 2018)

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Why is it important to admins?

Tokens are a valuable tool to make content dynamically align to what is known about the user, a form, and a site. They also make maintaining the content on your site easier by allowing admins as well as constituents to make one update that's then reflected wherever that token is used.

The refreshed token selector is important because it makes it provides greater visibility to an admin for what tokens are supported for use on a given type of content. 

Who benefits?

Admins who manage Admin and Member Confirmation emails tied to forms. 

At a high level, what does it do? 

The refreshed token selector is a drop down on the content editor menu bar. The drop down shows all system, form, and field tokens that are supported by the respective content type (Admin Confirmation, Finish page, content block on a CMS page). 

How does it work?

Each content area has a editor with an editor menu bar containing different formatting and content tools. One of those tools is the Token List selector. This dropdown is used to view a list of supported tokens to select for inclusion into the content area. 

The token list groups the tokens by token type. The token types are:

  1. System Tokens - values that relate to your particular site, or the day and time the content was rendered. For example, putting [Group Name] in the content area will replace the token with the name of your site 
  2. Form Tokens - values that relate to the respective form associated to the content. For example, putting [Form Data No Blanks] in the content area will replace the token with all form fields that had a response
  3. Field Tokens - values that are replaced based on known data tied to the user or form. For example, putting ##Last Name## replaces the token with their last name on their profile

Once you select a token from the dropdown, it is insert into the content area at the location of the curser.

Consolidated Selector Location

Grouped by Token Type



How was this handled previously?

This is an existing workflow that was enhanced for usability. Previously, the dropdown displayed all field tokens, not just those respective to the form which will be more pertinent. It also displays all system and form tokens which it previously did not. Lastly, the new Token List dropdown removes the special characters for ease of viewing. 

Want more information?

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Release Notes

The refreshed token selector was introduced to Confirmation Emails in the 60.0 Encompass release in August 2018, and will expand to Review and Finish pages with the 60.1 Encompass release in September 2018.