Customer Benefits from Admin Life

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The purpose of Admin Life is to make targeted investments within our platform, Encompass, that enhance the experience of staff and volunteers administering Encompass at their institutions. Admin Life is a critical driver the Encompass Renew & Refresh and Advance product strategies.

Our goal is to ensure that administrators are successful the first time, get what they need, work efficiently, and can do so without extensive Encompass support.

What of type work will occur through Admin Life?

Increased Usability

Many admins use Encompass every day to execute an institutional strategy. Other admins, such as volunteers, may use the platform less frequently.

Increased Usability is about ensuring that each user’s experience is an intuitive one that maximizes ability, efficiency, and understanding, regardless of technical ability or frequency of use.

Usability Example: Decreasing the number of clicks required to create an event

Introduce New Features

We intend to introduce new features to our existing functionality in order to ensure admins are able to provide the engagement experience that reflects your institutional values and brand.

Feature Example: Providing new content components that are reusable and shared to maximize constituent experience, and minimize the need for HTML knowledge for most admins

Increased Visibility to Data

Encompass is a powerful platform, and the integrated nature of how it unifies critical engagement methods is the key to providing insights that drive institutional value. For example, when an admin creates an event, the details about that event (form properties, the resulting constituent data, etc.) are all elements that are important for leveraging in other channels, such as a CMS page, email, or report.  Encompass is working to ensure more of your data is visible so that your system can be easily maintained, and scalability easily achieved. 

Data Visibility Example: Ability to view a list of content items that are using a particular template, such as a CMS page or confirmation email

Resolution of Minor Defects

We recognize that several small positive or negative admin experiences are just as impactful as one large one. If there are areas of the Encompass workflow that currently don't function as we originally intended, or there are areas where we can remove unnecessary admin steps or clicks, we intend to find and address them.

Defect Example: When an admin is logged into the admin backend and scrolled to the lower portion of the page, Admin Navigation drop-downs will expand onscreen

Want to know more?

Visit the main Admin Life Help Topic page.