Release Notes - 10 September 2018

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Please note that product releases are scheduled as followed by environment: 
Canadian = Monday evening | Australian = Tuesday morning | U.S. = Tuesday evening

Product Enhancements


Refreshed Token List & Editor Window - Review/Finish Pages

ENC-34016 The Token List dropdown in the Review and Finish page configuration for each form type now has the refreshed user interface, and is now consistently located on the content editor menu bar. Please see the Refreshed Token List & Editor Window - Confirmation Emails section of the 13 August Release Notes for more information. 

Defect Corrections


Identity Checkpoint & Member Merge

ENC-30264 Corrects an issue related to sites that use both Identity Check Point enabled, andIdentity Checkpoint disabled forms. Prior to this correction, if a user completed a form that had Identity Checkpoint disabled, and then completed a form that had Identity Checkpoint enabled, then the Identity Checkpoint matched submission would not display in the Identity Checkpoint Merge Grid. Instead, to be merged with the constituent record, it had to go through the manual non-member merge import process. 

Going forward Identity Checkpoint matched members will always display in the Identity Checkpoint Merge Grid for review instead of requiring admins to complete the Import Non-Member Merge File process.

For more information, see the Import Non-Member Merge File and Identity Checkpoint - Merge Member Grid Support Center pages. 


Email Reporting

ENC-33178 Form submissions completed as a result of a recipient clicking on a form link contained in an email now appropriately reflect in Email Reporting Conversion Tracking. 

Email Reporting Limits

ENC-34949 Ability to view drill-down data in Email Reporting has been increased from 180 days to 275 days.

ENC-34948 The current limit when exporting a csv in email reporting has increased from 100 to 1,000.


Membership Forms

ENC-34103 The promo code query string parameter (&pc=XXXXX) now functions appropriately regardless if the promo code field is listed before, or after, the Membership Level selection field. Previously, the promo code query string parameter would not appropriately apply to the form if the promo code field was listed before the Membership Level field.

For more information, see the Promotion Codes - Memberships, and Populating Promotion Codes via a URL Customization Support Center pages.