Campaign Performance Dashboard

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The Campaign Performance Dashboard is a visual representation of the appeal codes that are in use. Appeal codes are usually set up toward the end of projects, but it is useful to know up front that they can be seen here. By keeping this in mind from the beginning, you can plan out which appeal codes you want to use and how granular you would like them to be.

Appeal codes provide helpful information to administrators. Due to this, you should consider placing it on a page role-based to select administrative rights.


From the Content Modules menu, hover over Scoreboard Dashboards.

From the flyout, click and hold on Campaign Performance Dashboard in order to drag and drop it onto your page.


  1. Click the gear icon for the module - map_gear.png.

  2. Provide a Title. A Sub Title is optional.

  3. Set a Display From date and a Date To date. These determine when the dashboard will display.

  4. Set the Time Zone. The default will be the time zone set on your computer.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Primary Commerce Source will default to Giving.

  7. Set the Transactions From date and the Transactions To date. These determine the time frame of data to include.

  8. You will need to work with the Available Forms to select the Donation form(s) that will provide the data to populate the Donor Roll. Use the arrow buttons to move forms from the left box to the right box. Only those in the right box will be used.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Define the Styles for the various elements.



    NOTE - With this option, you can add up to 10 valid HEX colors that are 3 - 6 characters long. These will determine the colors used for your dashboard appeals.


  11. Click Save.

Business Rules

  • Only the top 10 appeals will be shown. The "no appeal" category and Other (where the remainder of appeals over 10) are grouped.

  • The chart can display appeal data hourly, daily, monthly and yearly.  Below is the breakdown for transaction from and to values:
    • Hourly: ( 0 Days - 2 Days ]
    • Daily: ( 2 Day - 30 Days ]
    • Weekly: ( 30 Days - 4 Months ]
    • Monthly: ( 4 Months - 18 Months ]
    • Yearly: ( 18 Months - 100 Years )