Onboarding a New iModules Admin

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The information below may be helpful to you if you have new iModules admins joining your team. This page includes getting an admin set up in the system and training opportunities.

Onboarding a New Admin

  • Admin rights: Decide what Admin rights the new hire will need. 
    • If an admin already has an alumni account or donor account, create a separate (Admin) account with the appropriate admin rights to ensure an easier clean-up if the admin leaves. This way the alumni or donor account maintains the transactional data, and the admin account only has a record of admin transactions.  This also assists in the use of the Pre-Populate functionality for Forms, Events, Donations, and Memberships for admins.
    • Admin Rights page in the Support Center: https://support.imodules.com/hc/en-us/categories/202677287-Admins 
    • Approvals: Let your new hire know if they need your approval (events/emails) prior to publishing or sending.
      • Define Urgent, Expedited, and Regular help requests. 
      • Have templates ready to use for Email Marketing, Events, and Forms.
      • Add any information to an Admin Info page in your site that you think a new hire needs to access concerning the site design, style guidelines, and image sizes. 
    • *Optional: Let iModules know there is a new employee that needs the newsletters and iModules
    • *Optional: Create an iModules agreement that the new hire must sign and maintain the document in their file. 
      • Explains what is expected and what happens if expectations aren’t followed.
      • Signed by both employer and employer’s manager/supervisor.
      • Can be kept in your files of HR files.  
      • Require the completion of training prior to receiving admin rights.
    • *Optional: Let your iModules representative know if you would like your new hire added to a sandbox for practice, if needed. 

New Admin Training

Each module has its own section in the Support Center with step by step documentation and videos. 

General Overview 

  • What is Encompass? Encompass Overview Video (first link) and all other video tutorials on the Support Center:  https://support.imodules.com/hc/en-us/articles/218801997-Video-Tutorials.
  • Provide an explanation of what your organization uses Encompass for and specifically what the new hire will be working with. 
    • How do our classes, clubs, and groups use Encompass?
    • Explain the difference between the Encompass site and the .edu, or primary site, and when to use each. 
    • Explain how Encompass works with the back-end database, where incremental updates are processed, and who is the primary contact for working with the member profile.

**All Modulars referenced in this section can be registered for to be attended live with an iModules trainer, or be watched on-demand on the Recorded Modulars page here: https://clients.imodules.com/s/1333/18/ip2.aspx?sid=1333&gid=3&pgid=3322.

Content Management   

 Email Marketing 




Data Management 


 Additional Resources  



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