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Enabling the Affiliation Field

  • Field can be used once per Event, Donation, or Membership form and can be found by accessing Add Existing Field → Scoreboards


  • These fields can be queried via Data Viewer and added to Reconciliation Reports.

  • Both the field label and drop-down values can be edited when working in the form as an admin. There are default values provided (Alumni, Student, Parent, Faculty & Staff and Friend); however, you may change this list as you see fit. Keep in mind, fields are shared across similar forms. This means that changing Affiliation - Events will change all instances of this field across events.

Accessing via Content Management

From the Content Modules menu, hover over Scoreboards.

From the flyout options shown, click and hold on Affiliations in order to drag and drop it onto your page.


  1. Click the gear icon for the module - map_gear.png.

  2. Provide a Title. A Sub Title is optional.

  3. Set a Display From date and a Display To date. These determine when the content will display.

  4. Set the Time Zone. The default will be the time zone set on your computer.


  5. Click Next.

  6. Set the Transactions From date and the Transactions To date. These determine the time frame of data to include.

  7. You will need to set the the Primary Commerce Source.
  8. You will need to work with the Available Forms to select the form(s) that will provide the data to populate the Affiliation module. Use the arrow buttons to move forms from the left box to the right box. Only those in the right box will be used.

  9. Click Next.


  10. Define the Styles for various elements.


  11. There is an option to work with Advanced CSS Styling.


  12. Click Save.

Business Rules

  • Affiliations that are included to display on a content page will always add up to 100%.

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