Release Notes - 13 August, 2018

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Please note that product releases are scheduled as followed by environment: 
Canadian = Monday evening | Australian = Monday morning | U.S. = Monday evening

Product Enhancements


Refreshed Token List & Editor Window - Confirmation Emails

ENC-34016 Users will now see a refreshed token selector when using the content editor within Member and Admin Confirmation Email configuration. These enhancements will make it easier to edit confirmation emails, as well as easier to view and select tokens for inclusion into content. These enhancements will be expanded to other editor areas in subsequent releases. 

This refreshed token selector has the following changes:

  • The editor area now fills the full width of the window
  • Token Selector now displays in one consolidated location on the editor toolbar
  • Displayed tokens are those that are available based on the respective form type, to include form and system tokens
  • Tokens are grouped by type

The selector groups tokens into the following categories:

  • System Tokens - tokens that represent values defined for the system such as the community name, or current time
  • Form Tokens - tokens that represent values defined for the form, such as the form name
  • Field Tokens - tokens that represent fields associated to the respective form, and have a token defined
  • Tokens without Fields - listing of fields that are associated to the respective form, but to not have a token defined

Consolidated Selector Location

System Tokens

Form Tokens

Field Tokens

Fields without Tokens


ENC-33133 The sidebar navigation items on the My Profile view are now tagged a header 2 items so that assistive technology users can more easily navigate the controls and views.

New Email Marketing

  1. New admin right: Email Template and Style Manager introduced. With this administrative right, the admin will be able to create, modify and delete templates and dynamic content styles used within email marketing.
  2. Sender Identity, system and member tokens will populate within previews. For previews, member tokens are based on the "envoy" who deploys the preview.  For email sending member tokens populate from the recipient's record.
  3. On draft emails, segments can now be searched for and selected under the "Add Audience" window shown below. 

Issue Resolutions


ENC-23431 Resolves an issue where double clicking the "Create" button on the first event configuration screen creates duplicate events.

ENC-33132 Resolves a rare issue where redirects involving SAML authentication breaks edit registration link.

ENC-13773 Resolves an issue where selecting the browser back button to register for the same event for the same email does not notify the user of an existing registration under that email.

ENC-25868 Resolves an issue where registering for an event without logging in, and then launching the same registration form from a pre-populate link and completing the registration creates duplicate registrations rather than notifying the user of the existing registration.

ENC-23598 Resolves a rare issue where a constituent who is already registered for an event can register a second time for the same event by navigating between the home page and registration page multiple times.

ENC-14077 Resolves an issue where a constituent who is already registered can navigate outside of the Resend Confirmation popup dialogue and reactivate the Next button to progress through the form to perform a second registration under the same email.


ENC-12386 Resolves an issue where only the first 5000 rows of designation reports were being included in the export.