Donor Roll

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Enabling Donor Roll Fields

  • Field can be used once per Donation form and can be found by accessing Add Existing Field → Scoreboards → Donor Roll Fields

  • Reusable Instance and these fields can both be queried via Data Viewer and added to Reconciliation Reports.


  • The field title can be edited on the form side. The check box option cannot be changed and will allow donors to opt in to publish their name and/or donation amount.



From the Content Modules menu, hover over Scoreboards.

From the flyout options shown, click and hold on Donor Roll in order to drag and drop it onto your page.


  1. Click the gear icon for the module - map_gear.png.

  2. Provide a Title. A Sub Title is optional.

  3. Set a Display From date and a Display To date. These determine when the Donor Roll will display.

  4. Set the Time Zone. The default will be the time zone set on your computer.


  5. Click Next.

  6. For Donor Roll, Primary Commerce Source will default to Giving. 

  7. Set the Transactions From date and the Transactions To date. These determine the time frame of data to include.

  8. You will need to work with the Available Forms to select the Donation form(s) that will provide the data to populate the Donor Roll. Use the arrow buttons to move forms from the left box to the right box. Only those in the right box will be used.

  9. Display Limit will default to 25 but can be changed.  This determines the number of donors to initially display.

  10. Show More Verbiage allows admins to customize what users will see when they want to see more than the display limit allows.  Please note that Donor Roll will display a maximum of 300 most recent names at a time. 


  11. Define the Styles for various elements.

  12. Under Additional Options, determine if you want to include the designation name.

  13. Set the Verbiage you would like to use for the information set to display.

  14. Set the Donor Avatar. This is optional and can be set to No Image; however, the drop down will default to First Initial Avatar. An admin can also upload their own 50KB image to be used.

  15. There is an option to work with Advanced CSS Styling.


  16. Click Save.

 Business Rules

  • Donor Roll will not pull in a member's profile picture for the initial version.

  • Offline donations are supported as long as the constituent form submission has been successfully completed by skipping billing on the admin side. In this example, Donor Roll will pull from the First and Last Name as long as the record has a value.

  • Imported gifts will be supported as long as the constituent records have a value in Home State and Country.

  • Scheduled Payment gifts will be recognized for the full promised amount on the Donor Roll.

  • Subsequent Perpetual payments cause a new row to be added to the donor roll. The new row shows amount charged today (not total charged to-date).

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