Add Audience

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Getting Started

From the Email Home Drafts area, you will see an option to Add Audience.



Add Audience - Inclusions

Click Add Audience.

CSV of IDs

  1. Click Upload CSV of IDs.


  2. Browse to find the CSV file and select it. The system will match to the IDs provided. No new records will be created.

    NOTE - You will need to put a header in cell A1. The system will ignore the value in A1. Only one column header is allowed.

    NOTE - Only one column of ID numbers is allowed.

    NOTE - The cap is 500,000 IDs per file.

    NOTE - The file name for each CSV file needs to be unique.

  3. The added file(s) will display in the box.


    NOTE - CSV of IDs can be combined with Segments and Email Lists. It cannot be used with Email Lists (Merge Fields).

  4. Validation will take place on the file. If the file was formatted correctly, the number of matched records will be shown. If the file wasn't formatted correctly, a message will display letting you know. A yellow message may display letting you know that no matches were found, even if the file was formatted correctly.

  5. Click Save.

Lists and Segments

NOTE - if there aren't any Lists or Segments displaying in the search/dropdown, please work with Lists and Segments (requires a special administrative right unless you are a Superadmin).

  1.  Use the Lists and Segments search/dropdown to select the List or Segment you want to use.


    NOTE - Email List (Merge Fields) cannot be combined with any other Audience options (Email Lists, Segments, or CSV of IDs).

    NOTE - If using an Email List (Merge Fields) and pre-populate, the data shown in the Form/Event/Donation/Membership will be from the profile and NOT the Email List (Merge Fields). For example, if the name used in the Email List (Merge Fields) is Angie but the constituent record uses Angela, the Form will show Angela.

  2. The List or Segment will be added to the selection box.


  3. Click Save.

Add Audience - Exclusions

A checkbox for excluding records will be available if you are using a List, Segment, or CSV of IDs. It will not be available for Email List with Merge Fields.

  1. Check the box to exclude records.

  2. Pick the List / Segment or upload the CSV of IDs you would like to use for excluding records.


    You cannot add the same audience to the Inclusion window AND the Exclusion window.

    NOTE: Exclusions will trump inclusions.

    NOTE: When dealing with Exclusions, the Email List is the only method that will ensure that all records with the same email address will be excluded.

  3. Click Save.

Making Changes

Once an Audience has been set up for a message, the Draft card wording will change.


Clicking on Edit Audience will move you back to the Add Audience area.

NOTE: the Audience number shown in the green pill box doesn't factor in unsubscribes, invalid emails, etc.

NOTE: The Audience number shown in the green pill box will only include the inclusions. Exclusions won't be factored in.




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