Lists and Segments

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The Lists and Segments landing page will house both Lists and Segments. Lists are uploaded files containing email addresses. Segments are saved Data Viewer queries that have been marked to be an Email Segment.

Only Super Admins will have access to this area by default. The Email List and Segment Manager admin right can be assigned to anyone who needs access to this functionality.


From the Email menu, choose Lists and Segments from the far right column/panel.



The grid will display all of the Lists and Segments that exist and identify them in the Type column.

There is a search option available to easily narrow down the list.

The green gear icon provides additional options.

For a List, the options are:


Edit List will move you back to the screen where the list was uploaded and named. This won't be an option if the List is in use.

Download List allows you to download the file.

Delete will delete the item. This won't be an option if the List is in use.

For a Segment, the options are:


Edit in Data Viewer will move you back to the Data Viewer area to add, edit, or remove fields and set values.

Delete will delete the segment from the grid; however, the saved query will still exist in Encompass. This won't be an option if the Segment is in use.

The Name will be the name of the saved query.

Description will be the description of the saved query.

Creator will be the name of the admin who marked the box to create the Email Segment.

The "In Use" column will show an indicator light if the item being used for a message.

Audience Size will show the estimated number of recipients. If needed, click Refresh to get an updated value.

Add List

  1. Click Add List.

  2. You will be moved to a screen where you will upload the file as well as provide a name and description.

    NOTE - the column headers are provided and you can simply copy/paste from this window.

    NOTE - the file must be 15MB of smaller.


  3. Once a file has been uploaded, additional information will be provided.


    NOTE - Estimated Recipient Count will sum the successful rows. Missing or invalid emails won't be summed in the count.

  4. Click Save.

  5. The Email List will be placed in the Lists and Segments grid.

NOTE - the system will attempt to match the email address to an existing record at the time of email send. If no match is found, a new non-member (guest) record is created. The First Name and Last Name in the file will be used in creating the new record. If the system matches to an existing record, token population will be driven off of the matching record and not the data in the List file.

Add Segment

  1. Click Add Segment.

  2. You will be moved to Data Viewer. You will follow the normal query building steps.

  3. When you reach the screen to save the query, a new checkbox for Create Email Segment will be available. You need to check the box if you want this query to be available as a Segment.


  4. Once a name is provided and the Create Email Segment box is checked, click Go.

  5. The query will be saved. It will be placed in the Lists and Segments grid.



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