Template - General Campaign

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Getting Started

From the Email Home Drafts area, you will see an option to Build From Template for General Campaigns.



Choose Template


A search/dropdown will display. Key in the name of the template to search for it or use the dropdown to look for it.

Once a template has been selected, use View Template to make sure it is the template you want.

NOTE - Once you click Next, you will be locked into this template and you won't be able to pick a different one.

Click Next to use the template and move to the Edit Content step. Click Exit to leave this screen without saving your selection.

Edit Content

Editing the content provides the same elements and element controls that were used to build templates.

Details on the Drag and Drop Element Descriptions and Instructions.

Details on the Element Editing Control Descriptions and Instructions.


Clone HTML (inside of the More Options dropdown) only displays for Advanced HTML Email Authors and will create a new General Campaign in the HTML workflow. See instructions below.

Preview (inside of the More Options dropdown) will be used to view your message and send a preview.

Exit will take you to Email Home but any changes made from the last save will be lost. You will only see this campaign as an option. You will need to click the Drafts link or the Show all Drafts button.

Save will save the work you've done.

NOTE - Sender Tokens and an Unsubscribe token must be present in the campaign before it can be released.

Making Changes

Once a Template has been chosen for a General Campaign and "Next" has been used, the Draft area wording will change to Edit Content.

Clone HTML

NOTE - This option will only be available to admins with the Advanced HTML Email Author right.

NOTE - Using this option will create a new General Campaign. A change made in one campaign will not be reflected in the other campaign. They are unique campaigns once the clone takes place.

NOTE - Customer Support and Encompass Design staff will not troubleshoot or recommend changes to improve emails deployed using the Advanced HTML workflow.

  1. When working with the email body, select the Clone HTML option.

  2. A window will appear so you can assign a name to the HTML General Campaign.


  3. Click Create HTML.

  4. You will be moved to the HTML working window with HTML populated from the General Campaign created with a template.

  5. The HTML information now applies.

    NOTE - any email details in place at the time Clone HTML is used will be carried over to the HTML General Campaign.