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From the Content Modules menu, hover over Scoreboards.

From the flyout options shown, click and hold on Leaderboard in order to drag and drop it onto your page.


  1. Click the gear icon for the module - map_gear.png.

  2. Provide a Title. A Sub Title is optional.

  3. Set a Display From date and a DisplayTo date. These determine when the leaderboard will display.

  4. Set the Time Zone. The default will be the time zone set on your computer.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select the Primary Commerce Source.

  7. Set the Transactions From date and the Transactions To date. These determine the time frame of data to include.

  8. You will need work with the Available Forms to select the form(s) that will provide the data to populate the leaderboard. Use the arrow buttons to move forms from the left box to the right box. Only those in the right box will be used.


  9. Select the Designation(s). Use the arrow buttons to move designations from the left box to the right box. Only those in the right box will be used.

  10. There is an optional checkbox if you would like to have a designations roll up underneath a parent.

    If you check the box, additional information will need to be provided.

    a. Provide a Grouping Name.
    b. Select the Designations.

    If more groupings are needed, use the Add Grouping button.
  11. Set the Display Limit. The default is 10.

  12. Set the Show All verbiage.

  13. Set the Parent Form. The Parent Form is a Giving Form that allows you to create URL customizations with &dids and be linked to your leaderboard.

    If you choose a Parent Form, you can also set an Appeal Code.


  14. Click Next.

  15. Define the Styles for various elements.




  16. Set the Rank Designations by value. This setting determines the value used to auto sort the designations. The options are Dollars or Participation.

  17. There is an option to work with Advanced CSS Styling.

  18. Click Save.

Business Rules

  • Only Designations are supported at this time. You will get to choose which designations are selected.

  • Offline donations are supported as long as the constituent form submission has been successfully completed on the admin side.

  • Designations set in one grouping cannot be reused in another grouping within a given Leaderboard.

  • Appeal Code is only applied when one has a linkable leaderboard (parent has been set).

  • Appeal Code can be used across leaderboards (i.e. Leaderboard 1 has Appeal Code = horses, Leaderboard 2 has Appeal Code = horses).

  • Appeal Code on a leaderboard is applied to all designations within. No unique appeal codes can be set for each designation within the same leaderboard.

  • Gifts made to child designations (for collection window purposes) will not roll up to the parent designation.

    For example, gifts made to CABM Lecture Series Fund and CABM Research Excellence Fund would not roll up to Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine.



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