GDPR: Privacy Policy Updates

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In order to achieve compliance for the new GDPR standards, Encompass has updated our privacy policy. As such, we recommend that your institution verifies that your current Privacy Policy is also up-to-date for GDPR compliance standards.

Locating Your Current Privacy Policy

If your institution utilizes the verbiage that Encompass provides for your Privacy Policy, these can typically be referenced in your Terms & Conditions page, which can be found on page ID 230 or 292 or under the ‘Community’ channel in your site map labeled ‘Terms and Conditions'.

If your institution uses a customized Privacy Policy, please ensure it is able to be located without issue to have updated wording to meet GDPR compliance standards.

Updates To Your Privacy Policy

If using the Encompass-provided Privacy Policy, we recommend that after locating the new ‘Encompass Privacy Policy’ page in your site map, you take the full URL to the page and create a news listing on your homepage that contains an excerpt pertaining to the new policy and link to it for the site visitors to view. You can also send an email blast or add verbiage to the login or profile pages to encourage the site visitors to read it.

Should there be a customized Privacy Policy in place, we recommend that you update it to meet GDPR compliance standards and the new page on your site can be used as a point of reference to make these updates.

Best Practices

In regards to making your Privacy Policy easily accessible for site visitors, Encompass recommends that you place a link to your policy in the footer of your site or elsewhere deemed most appropriate.