Sample Step-by-Step Instructions

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Last Updated: July 21, 2018

The following step-by-step instructions can be used as a starting point for documentation you want to create for your staff and volunteers. There are placeholders for where your own images could be placed.  Depending on how your staff and volunteers need to approach message creation, there are tips/statements about items you may want to omit or areas you may want to add to.

These instructions operate under the assumption that a template exists for an admin to select.

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to the Email menu and choose Email Home from the Beta Products heading.

  2. Click the Create New Email button.

  3. Enter the Email Details and click Save.


Editing the Email Details

  1. Click on the Subject or Sender to be moved back to the Email Details.

  2. Make the necessary changes.

  3. Click Save.

Build From HTML

*This option will show to all admins; however, an error message will be shown if the Advanced HTML Email Author right isn't assigned to the individual. Due this, you may want to write your directions to indicate that admins pick the Template option instead.

  1. Click HTML from the Draft card.


  2. Enter the HTML and Text version information.


  3. Click Save to save your work. Click View in Browser to view your message in a browser. Click Next to move to the Preview step (make sure you save before moving on so you don't lose any changes). Click Exit to leave this screen (you will lose changes from your last save).

  4. Once the HTML option has been chosen and saved, you will be locked into this option.

  5. The Draft card text will now read Edit Content.

Build From Template

  1. Click Template from the Draft card.


  2. A dropdown list will present the templates that are available to choose from.

    *This would be a good spot to state the specific template you want them to select if you are creating directions for specific volunteers or staff.


  3. Once a template has been selected, use View Template to make sure it is the template you want.
    NOTE - Once you click Next, you will be locked into this template and you won't be able to pick a different one.

  4. Click Next to use the template and move to the Edit Content step. Click Exit to leave this screen without saving your selection.

    *This would be a good spot to add any specific instructions you want them to follow for the template you told them to use.

  5. When editing content, you will have several buttons available. Click Save to save your work. Click Save and View to view your message. Click Next to move to the Preview step (make sure you save before moving on so you don't lose any changes). Click Exit to leave this screen (you will lose changes from your last save).


  6. The Draft card text will now read Edit Content.


The Preview allows you to send a test copy of your email to up to 20 people. We recommend that you test how the message will look when received by mass market email services.


  1. For the Reply To, provide an email address to receive replies to the preview email.

  2. To Add Recipients, enter an email address and press the Enter key or press the Add button.
  3. Click the Send Preview button to send the preview email. Exit will take you back to Email Home.


*Recurring scheduling isn't available yet, but it will be in the future.

  1. Click Schedule from the Draft card.

Send Immediately

  1. Click the Send Immediately Upon Release radio button.

  2. Click Save.

  3. The Draft card will show Send Immediately. If you want to adjust the schedule, click on the Send Immediately wording.

Send on Specific Future Date(s)

  1. Click the Send on Specific Future Date(s) radio button.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Set the date and time zone for when you would like to send the message.


  4. If you would like to add another send date, click Add Another Send Date.

  5. Once all of your dates are set, click Save.

  6. The Draft card shows the first date selected and will indicate if there are additional dates. Hovering over the additional date indicator, a box will appear listing all dates on which the message will be sent Times will convert to show in the time zone set to your computer.


Lists and Segments

*Accessing the Lists and Segments area is available to Super Admins or those with the Email List and Segment Manager right (new). If the admins/volunteers you are training don't meet the admin restrictions, you should leave this section of information out of your instructions.

  1. From the Email menu, select Lists and Segments.

  2. Click Add Segment.

  3. You will be moved to Data Viewer. You will follow the normal query building steps.

  4. When you reach the screen to save the query, a new checkbox for Create Email Segment will be available. You need to check the box if you want this query to be available as a Segment.


  5. Once a name is provided and the Create Email Segment box is checked, click Go.

  6. The query will be saved. It will be placed in the Lists and Segments grid.


  7. You can Search using the area provided.

  8. Use the green gear icon for additional options.

For a Segment, the options are:


Edit in Data Viewer will move you back to the Data Viewer area to add, edit, or remove fields and set values.

Delete will delete the segment from the grid; however, the saved query will still exist in Encompass.

Add Audience

  1. Click Add Audience from the Draft card.

Add CSV of IDs

  1. Click Add CSV of IDs.


  2. Browse to find the CSV file and select it. The system will match to the IDs provided. No new records will be created.

    NOTE - You will need to put a header in cell A1. The system will ignore the value in A1.

    NOTE - Only one column of ID numbers is allowed.

    NOTE - The cap is 500,000 IDs per file.

    NOTE - The file name for each CSV file needs to be unique.

  3. The added file(s) will display in the box.


  4. Click Save.

  5. The Draft card text will then read Edit Audience.



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